Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review of Bearfoot and Pregnant (Paranormal Dating Agency #10) by Milly Taiden

Paranormal Dating Agency Book 10 - STANDALONE 

BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance 

Cassandra Grimaldi’s boss has lost her mind. Too bad. She really liked the fiery matchmaker. But when Gerri offers to prove aliens are real and multiple orgasms exist, Cassie can’t help but be curious. Who would say no to orgasms and aliens? Not this curvy girl! 

What’s a bear to do when his mate leaves him after he’s mated her? Talen Arctos goes to earth to claim sassy and curvy Cassie. Now if only he could figure out how to convince her to return to his planet with him without offending her…again. 

With a brother wreaking havoc in his clan and his pregnant mate thinking she’s a one-night stand, Talen has his work cut out for him. Good thing this bear isn’t letting his woman go. Even if he has to learn what groveling means. 

Reader Note: I hear you enjoy too-hot to handle, off the charts hot sex, dirty talking, humor, violence and lots of roaring fights, you say? Then you've come to the right place. This book is all about a sassy plus-sized gal and a bear-shifter alien who rocks her world. There's crazy people, ass kicking and sex so hot you're going to need batteries. Yeah, you know what I mean. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like sarcasm and hot sex with no filter, this is just your thing. Enjoy!

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Alien shifters and Worm Holes…what’s not to love?  Milly Taiden added an extra kink in her Paranormal Dating Agency series book ten, Barefoot & Pregnant with an out of this world tale of shifter love.  In her latest venture into the dating world of humans and shifters, Ms. Taiden presents her fans with a unique sexy situation that will have them panting for more!  This is Cassie and Talen’s story of a mate found and happily ever after.

Life is full of surprises, so when Cassandra Grimaldi finds out that her father and new wife are having a baby, she is blown away!  It is the last straw and she needs to get away from it all, so when her boss ask her to go on a trip to another planet it sounds crazy and just like what she needs. Not that Cassie believes it until she finds herself walking through a worm hole.  When she meets tall, strong and sizzling hot Talen Arctos, Cassie decides a one night stand is just what she needs and she has hit the mother lode.  

Talen Arctos does not have time to find a mate, even though his bear is growing restless.  He is the leader of his clan since the death of his parents and is responsible for his younger brother.  Things are finally settling down within the clan, well all except his brother and his rebellion authority.  Now is not the time to literally run into the woman that is meant to be his and stake his claim and mark her as his!  Something is not right and he cannot shake the feeling that everything is about to fall apart.  

If you are looking for a steamy read that will keep you turning the pages, look no more.  Milly Taiden is an artist when it comes to romance that will scorch you with the heat she creates between her characters.  This is a fantastic read and great addition to my paranormal/scifi library!

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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