Monday, April 25, 2016

Review of Boarlander Bash Bear (Boarlander Bears #2) by T.S. Joyce

Sebastian “Bash” Kane is ready for a mate. He’s been fighting for his lumberjack crew of bear shifters to lift the ban on women in the trailer park, and his alpha has just given him the go ahead to find the woman of his dreams. But when he meets a shy newspaper editor in a diner, it becomes clear that finding a mate might not be so easy. Emerson Elliot is only looking for a friend, and even if she feels like so much more, Bash can’t push her. He knows she’s the one, but he’ll have to be a patient hunter if he wants to keep an intelligent, curvy beauty like her. 

Emerson Elliot is looking for friends. She’s back in her hometown where everything is different, and working from home isn’t helping her meet people. But when Bash sits down beside her at a diner, she knows the fates are messing with her. She’s been carrying a crush for the handsome, fun-loving bear shifter for years, but their timing couldn’t be worse. Her life is taking a hard right turn, and she can’t afford to fall in love until her future is all sorted out. Unfortunately, big changes are coming to Boarland Mobile Park, and if she doesn’t make up her mind about Bash soon, she might lose his offered place beside him forever. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Take one big hunky bear that wants a mate and add a smart, sweet human that wants to have a baby and you have the makings of a read that will leave you laughing and crying at the same time!  In T. S. Joyce's second book in the Boarlander Bears the reader gets up and personal with Bash Bear or aka Sebastian Kane and the woman that stirs his bear, Emerson Elliott.  Will these two unlikely characters find a way to overcome the obstacles put in their path towards love, laughter and happily ever after?

The ban on women allowed in their trailer park was lifted when their alpha found his mate and now finally Bash can go after his dream, a mate of his own.  He has wanted a mate for a long time, all he needs to do is find her, claim her and enjoy the life of a mated bear.  However, where do you start?  Advertise on line, have a get to know Bash Bear night at the local hangout and sniff out his one and only, that's where you start!  The problem is, he may have already met his one, Emerson!

She has always wanted to belong, have friends, have a baby!  Time has a way of slipping away from you and Emerson finds herself at the point where decisions need to be made for her future...her biological clock is ticking.  Maybe that is why she replied to Sebastian Kane's online page and it may also be the fact that she has had a crush on him for a long time.  Could this be her time, her future?  

Anti-shifters are rearing their ugly heads and out for shifter blood!  If you are looking a really great paranormal romance, look no more this is the book for you.  Great storyline and intriguing characters that make this book a must read! 

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