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~Review~Protecting You by S. Donahue

Joella Soriano is a tough as nails detective who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and bring the scumbags of her city to justice. She was recently promoted to second-grade detective and is ready to spring into action. She gets her opportunity when the Captain asks her to go undercover as a stripper at Hush, a strip club owned by the intriguing and smoldering Brendan Kirkpatrick. Joella’s task is clear: Bring down the high profile drug dealers that are disguising themselves as employees. Before now, Joella could handle pretty much anything that crossed her path… until now. 

Aware of the bad dealings within his club, Brendan Kirkpatrick enlists his lifelong friend Captain Jeremy Weston from the twelfth precinct to help him. With Jeremy’s expertise, Joella’s never say die attitude, and Brendan’s business savvy, they concoct a plan to take back the club and take down the drug operation. Upon first glance, Brendan is taken aback by Joella’s beauty. The thought of this elegant creature working as a stripper in his club has him both uncomfortable and undeniably turned on. The more time Brendan spends in Joella’s company, the more he finds that he cannot resist her. As Brendan begins to develop feelings for Joella, he has to draw the line between protecting his business and protecting his heart. But when Joella’s life is endangered, too, will Brendan be able to separate business from pleasure? Nothing is as it seems, and lines will be crossed. 

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★

What do you do when your boss tells you that you will be going undercover for a few months and you cannot tell anyone?  Oh, and don’t forget you will be going as a stripper!  Well here’s the problem, I’m a good cop but I don’t take my clothes off and forget pole dancing! When my boss tells me this is a top secret drug investigation and that I have no choice in the matter, what’s a girl to do?  Go undercover and get the job done.

I am a legitimate business owner that has just discovered that I am being betrayed by my cousin.  He works for me at my bar and is selling drugs.  I need help so I contacted my friend Captain Jeremy Weston at the Boston Police Department. He comes up with a plan to send one of his best female detectives to work undercover at my bar.  She will help get the information needed to clean up the drug flow from my club.  I let everyone know that I have hired a new girl to strip and that she will be living with me for a while.  Who would have expected that the detective would be drop-down gorgeous with a shape that wouldn’t stop?  I’m running behind and still in the shower when the doorbell chimes letting me know that she has arrived and I need to answer the door.  Not a good first impression when you meet an undercover cop in a towel sporting a huge erection.  I just can’t seem to win with this woman.  What else can I do, I’ve apologized to her and she still acting like I’m a serial killer.

Can you believe this guy?  He meets me at the door with a noteworthy erection and thinks that everything will be ok. Who is he kidding?  He is kind of cute and has a great butt.  Once Brandon explains everything to me I hole up in my bedroom until his assistant comes to take me for my make-over and pole-dancing lessons.  Fun day…three months of this I don’t know if I’ll make it.

Another thing that really amazes me is that I am attracted to this guy and have to keep reminding myself that this is a job, be professional.  My make-over is done and I have gone from blond to black hair, purchased miniscule string bikinis and finished my first pole dancing lesson.  To say it’s been a busy day and I am bone tired is an understatement.  But before I can rest we have a planning session to get ready for tomorrow and to let me know about my responsibilities at the club. 

I really like this woman and know that I will never let her leave now that I’ve meet her.  When I hear her having a nightmare during the night I go to comfort her.  When she wakes up and sees me sitting on the bed holding her hand she gets really upset.  I ask her to tell me about the dream and she tells me about her fiancé that was murdered seven years ago and how the dream is about him.  She tells me this time I was in her nightmare and that I die.  Joella says that she can’t do this job and will quit tomorrow.

This investigation is really important to Brandon.  I know that he wants to clear his name and get his business away from the drugs that are coming into it.  We will have to work together to clear his name then each of us can decide if we want a life together.  Brendan and Joella find the evidence they need to convict the drug dealers?  Will Joella put her pole dancing moves on Brendan? 

Hero –Brendan Kirkpatrick: 4 stars
Heroine –Joella Soriano: 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes! Loved this book, it has a lot of HAWT sex and boy gets girl action.  Police investigations, fast action and a plot that twist and turns with unexpected findings.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! Can’t wait for book 2 to find out what will happen next in the Brendan & Joella saga.

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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