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Release Blitz & Giveaway: Life of a Fool by CM Hutton

Title: Life of a Fool
Author: CM Hutton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Honest Love Spin-off


I was a fool…
- for letting Lori Ann convince me that we were wrong for each other.

- for watching her walk away from me fifteen years ago and not stopping her.

- for not realizing she was in trouble.

- for thinking her nightmare, our nightmare was over.
I was a fool for letting my guard down.

And now, I’d do just about anything to keep her safe, including the most reckless, foolish thing a man — a cop, in fact — could do.

Lori Ann

Jason saved me, only to nearly lose me forever.

We’d been fools to think Antonio wouldn't come after me.  I was still his wife, after all.  He’d hurt me, broken my arm and left me in pieces, but he wasn’t finished.  He’d fooled me for years, made me believe he was a great man.  Now that I knew the truth, I was going to fight like hell to save myself and Jason, to save the love we’d finally confessed.

I prayed that what I was about to do would be enough.

I was done being someone’s fool.






My life had
been a nightmare.

My younger
brother, the former NFL player turned firefighter, had been severely injured
and on death
s door, as a matter of fact.  Wed been heldhostage at the hospital for weeks.  His bride-to-be,
Claire,was one of the strongest women I
d ever knownaside from my mom and Lori Ann. Actually, they were probably all about equal in their feminine strength.

DamnLori Ann.  I needed to return
her call.

Derek pulled through, married the love of his life, and they were expecting a
baby.  I was really happy for him.  My little brother had seen more hard times
than I cared to mention, and he
d finally foundhappiness with a woman that was pretty incredible.  Claire had been through her own share of shit
and had risen above it.  I was in awe of
the woman and loved her as fiercely as I did one of my blood family

seeing Derek find his soul mate, at the age of thirty-five, made me
jealous.  I was his older brother.  And although thirty-seven wasn
t that old, I felt ancient. Perhaps, it was due to the stress of holding us all together these last
few weeks while we watched Derek struggle for his life.  Maybe it was the ache I felt seeing him so

Id dated plenty of girls.  They
were nice, kind
some a little kinky, but not one ofthem held my heart
held my soul in their hands. 

Only one
had that privilege, and she was already taken.


About Honest Love

Starting over was never easy for anyone.
I’d heard the stories over and over.
But after the hell my ex-husband had put me through over the last year, over the last twenty years…well, I was ready to move on, repair what was left of my shattered heart and find someone to share my life with—someone who would put me first.
I deserved it. I’d done my time being in her shadow, being a cheap understudy, always second. For. All. Those. Years.
Never again.
Our move to San Diego provided a fresh start, a new place away from all the hurt and memories. Life as a single mom to three teenagers had its' challenges, but we were adjusting and my kids were doing well.
It was time to focus on my happiness, for once. I had a huge capacity to love and I wanted to share my love with a man that respected it, accepted it and gave it in return.
It was just a matter of time before he found me and showed me what true, honest love was all about.

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Every now and then,
during his session, I
d notice an odd glance or two fromhim, but ignored it. I didn
t want his negative shit adding to myown. This was my job. I was his physical therapist, not his friend or
counselor, and this job was what would keep me going while I learned to wrap my
head around my new life. 

Derek didnt
say much. He grunted a few times when I pushed him harder, but other than that,

It wasnt
until we were just about done and I was giving him our customary mini
relaxation massage, that I took the opportunity to really take a good look at
him. Derek removed his shirt as he laid face down on the massage table in my
therapy room and an involuntary gasp escaped from me. 

Wasnt expecting that.  

Most patients didnt
remove their clothing as these massages were only meant to relieve the tension
built up in the body as a result of the stress from working an injury.  He
d apparently heard me because a small,stupid grin turned up on one corner of his mouth. I ignored him.

He was tall and
lean, not too bulky, and his skin was tan and smooth
defined.I noticed a few tattoos on his ribs. I
d never been much on body ink, but itwas sexy on Derek and I couldn
t stop staring at it as I slowlyrubbed the tension from his neck and shoulders.

Yeah, you could say
I was attracted to him. 



Claire seemed nice.
Actually she seemed like she probably wouldn
ttake any crap from me. And I didn
t think she knew who I wasalwaysa good thing. 

She was good at her
job. I had a feeling I
d be back on the truck soon. My lifeas a firefighter was about all I had to keep my mind occupied. Football used to
do that for me. 

Nothing but tainted
memories now.

I shook my head,
brushed off my thoughts and focused more on my new therapist. I
dasked her a few questions, which she answered willingly. I was curious about
Claire, but my pissy mood made my questions come out way too harsh and nasty.

I just hoped I
could stop staring at her. She was shorter than me. Maybe 5
5 withbeautiful blonde hair and amazing brown eyes. Not who I would typically pay
attention to, but what the hell did I know? The only girl I
dever loved was Claire
s complete opposite with dark brownhair, blue eyes and really tall.  She
dalso ripped my heart out and practically ate the damn thing right in front of

Maybe Claire was
just what I needed. 

But first, I had to
find out more about her past and what lead her to San Diego.


About the Author

Im a wife, a mom of three, a friend,
an aunt, a sister, a daughter and a teacher.
  Now, I can add writer to my list!  Ive always wanted to write and finallyfound inspiration and support to do it.

I live near Austin, Texas with my
family and love to read and travel.
  Put me on a beach with a good book and the world justdisappears around me.

Paradise Taken

was my first novel and is a highly emotional book based ontrue events.
 Its sequel (Saving Us)was released February 2014.

I love that you are willing to take a chance
on a new writer and promise to keep striving to put out great books!
  Be sure to check outmy newest releases, including Honest Love, which was released in
June 2014 and Life of a Fool, the second London
Brothers novel, will be available November 6, 2014.

I'd love to chat with you, so look me up on any of my
social pages.

Happy Reading.  :)

CM Hutton


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