Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Recommendation & Review of Shade (The Last Riders #6) by Jamie Begley

Want, need, pain, and joy were emotions Shade had never known existed before Lily. He knew the first time he saw her face that she was going to change his life forever. The thing he hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to hide who and what he was from her. Each step he took out of the shadows revealed more of himself, until only one secret remained. Shade arrogantly believed he could help heal the wounds from her past, but now it was his own past that was trying to tear them apart. To keep Lily, Shade would have to use the very skills he had been trying to hide from her. The skills that made him a killer … a soulless monster.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Jamie Begley's newest release, Shade is an in-depth exposé into the life of the Last Riders Motorcycle Club.  It gives us a detailed account of the inner workings of the club, as well as the mind of my favorite character, John Hunter, aka, Shade.  As in all of her books, Jamie painted with her words a beautiful piece of art depicting and revealing a beautifully tainted soul.  This novel filled in pieces of the Shade puzzle and ended with a romantic sigh!

Shade, aka John Hunter is a disturbed, ex-military, turned biker enforcer for the Last Riders MC.  He is in love with Lily Cornett and has been since the day he saw her across the street eating an ice cream cone.  Shade was consumed by everything Lily.  However, she was off limits, innocent and under aged. He couldn't have her until she was ready.  He had to bide his time, wait for her to grow up, and set everything in motion for the day he would make her his.  Yet everything Shade does is motivated with Lily in mind.  He wants to protect her from the world, from all the hurt and nightmares that encompasses her.  She is light in his darkness.  Only she can keep his soul from drowning.

Lily has many demons that haunt her.  She was abused as a little girl and has battled to live her life in the light and goodness of her God.  Lily was adopted by a pastor’s family when she was eight years old. Her life changed for the better but still shadows from her past haunted her.  When she meets the enigma that is Shade, her life forever changes.  He intrigues her and scares her at the same time.  When he takes the choice away from her and makes her confront all her monsters from the past, Lily will find the truest love she has ever known.

This is a story of struggle, life, love and passion.  I couldn't get enough of the story.  While reading, I laughed, got mad and cried.  Especially as I read the last epilogue.  It was seductively designed and yet exquisite in its meaning.  I loved the fact that we were given a better understanding of how Shade feels thinks and loves.  His character made me love him and hate him all at the same time.  While reading I fell more in love with all the Last Rider characters and their soul wrenching stories.  I feel like I finally understand. 

Hero -  4.5 stars
Heroine - 4.5 stars
Steam Level: 4.5 stars
Plot: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes!  Absolutely!  This is an awesome read!  Filled with sexually provocative moments and irresistibly erotic characters that the reader cannot get enough of!

Would I read other books by this author:  Yes!  I love Ms. Begley’s unique characters and crazily stimulating storylines.  She has an exceptional gift as a writer of stories that need to be told and read! 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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