Sunday, March 22, 2015

Coming Soon: The Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs

Margot Duke can’t keep her long-distance relationship alive any more than she can the cells that are supposed to be taking center stage in her PhD thesis. Both seem to be suffering an inexplicably long and drawn-out death, and she’s spent more than enough time fretting about it, without any solution in sight.

It figures that the one day she chooses to pack it all in and stop caring is the day she meets Jonathan Young.

Jonathan swings through town with his band, just long enough to knock Margot off her feet, and leave her feeling a little giddy in his wake. The encounter proves once and for all that her inter-continental love affair is over, but can she really stomach the idea of starting another one right on its heels? And with the darling of the indie rock world at that?

Release Date: March 27, 2015


The second I saw him again, I felt everything inside me melt.

He walked up to the edge of the stage, just meters from where we were standing, and bent over to pick up his guitar. The worn gray t-shirt he was wearing slid up over his hip and I simmered at the sight of that beautiful skin. When he straightened up and started to mess with his strings, the tiny movements did delicious things to the muscles in his back. I could feel my breathing start to quicken. I had to actively shake myself out of the delirium that was threatening to overwhelm me.

Luckily Alex’s guitar line kicked in before I could faint, and the rest of the instruments followed suit, launching them into their first song. Jonathan swung back in time with the drums, but he didn’t face the crowd until it was nearly time for him to sing.

When he finally did turn around, the connection between us was almost enough to knock me flat on my back. His eyes found mine immediately, and his smile was infectious. In the seconds before he took the mic, we undressed each other so thoroughly with our eyes that I actually had to clutch at my dress to make sure it was still there. And when he started to sing, I may as well have been a puddle on the floor.

Step inside and blow my mind,” he started, his voice taking on a gravelly edge that rubbed all the way up my spine. “It’s late and I’m tired, but I’ve got time to burn where you’re concerned.”

I’d heard the song maybe fifty times, including once when they’d played it live in Cologne. But I had no words for how different it sounded now that I’d taken the leap and come all this way to find him.

I closed my eyes and let the music ooze through me again. I knew that if I stopped to think about what the hell I was doing, I might just implode. So instead I lost my mind to the melody and let my body move with the beat.

When the song came to an end, the room erupted with the very raucous appreciation of the couple hundred fans filling the space.

“It’s good to be back on the continent,” Jonathan shouted over the noise, smiling as he scanned the crowd.

“Y’know, we were in the UK over the weekend,” he said, when the cheering leveled out. “And, I don’t know what it was, but I just couldn’t wait to get back over here.”

As the noise level rose again, Alex yelled something indecipherable across the stage that made Jonathan glow red and look my way.

Aiko leaned into me. “Did he just say, ‘Your dick couldn’t wait to get back over here’?”

I giggled and met his eyes, feeling my own cheeks burn. He watched me closely as he grabbed the mic stand again.

“This next song is for a beautiful new friend.”

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