Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Release: Unruly by Cora Brent

"Tell me I'm the best f**k you ever had."

That's how we began.
But it's not how we'll end.
After all, this is not a simple story.
This is not even just one story.
There's a boy, and there's a girl. But there's so much more than that.

I was going home. Not forever; only long enough to watch my eternally irresponsible father marry a girl who happened to be my childhood enemy.
There were no plans to embark on some crazy sex odyssey with a wild nineteen-year old baseball player.
Easton Malone is insufferable, crude, and far too close.
The hot, reckless days we shared should never have happened.
I would forget him. Yes, I had to forget him.
Through the years, triumph or heartbreak would bring us together. Only to shatter us once more.
It was never over though. It never will be.

In the beginning we found lust.
At the end we found each other.
Along the way we found everything else.

WARNING: *Tearjerker alert!*
There will be sex. There will be bad language. There will be grief.
But there will also be redemption in the face of tragedy.
And at the center of it all is an epic tale of love and fate.
**Stand alone novel**

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