Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#99Cents Secrets that We Keep by Tara Lin Mossinghoff @TaraLinNicole

#99Cents Secrets That We Keep #5StarRead There's so much you can hide behind a smile. But eventually everything you're running from will catch up. A story of strength and happiness that she'll fight like Hell to keep. @TaraLinMossinghoff


It is said that normal is boring. The same routine, the intact family, the future all planned out. Some might think this sounds dull, but it's exactly what Jesse had. And that's how he liked it. Dreams of being a doctor kept his nights busy with studying, leaving little time for a social life or a typical high school experience.

Angie was the complete opposite. She thrived on spontaneity and seizing the moment. Having a broken family didn't make her bitter. In fact, it just gave her more room for love in her heart which she showered onto her friends. Impulsive and child-like were words used to describe her.

During their senior year, Jesse and Angie's worlds collided. Simple friendship quickly escalated to adoration. These feelings led to a relationship that flourished.

But what happens when dark secrets are revealed? When their entire lives, the perfect and the chaotic, are completely flipped upside down?

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