Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Get Rocked? (The Next Generation Series) by ‪#‎KEOsborn‬

Get Rocked? (The Next Generation Series) by ‪#‎KEOsborn‬

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“Don’t,” she warns taking a step back as I look into her beautiful sky blue eyes. I swallow hard and gently but reluctantly let go of her arm revelling in the tingle shooting from my lips straight down to my cock. I have to try my hardest to rein it in otherwise this could get very awkward. “Why are you here, Caleb? How did you find me?” I’m taken aback by her question. “Find you? Indi, I didn’t know you’d even become a nurse. I don’t go from hospital to hospital looking for you.” “Sorry, I just thought…” she trails off and then looks away. The energy between us is palpable and I know she’s feeling the tension just like I am.

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