Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Title: Grayson
Series: This is Our Life Series
Author: F.G. Adams
Release Date: March 22, 2016

Growing up in the small coastal town of Florida, Grayson Blackwood has defied the odds stacked against him. Appearances on the outside can be very deceiving. Coming from a wealthy family with an abusive father that won’t ever change, he’s determined to be a better man. Grayson is fighting for his family, his country and the one woman he’s ever loved.

Ella Anderson has lived a hard life, growing up with a sick mom and a less than upstanding father. From hand-me-downs to food stamps life was never easy for her family. But the one thing she could always count on was her family’s love and for Ella it was the most precious commodity. 

When Ella moves to Lakeview, she meets Grayson in high school, the attraction is immediate for both. After high school, Ella and Grayson fall out of touch. A one-in-a-million chance meeting halfway around the globe brings the couple back together in a lifeless desert land, a combat zone where death is always present. 

Will their love survive time and their harsh separation from long ago? Can Grayson show Ella that they were made for each other? 

Bluebirds mate for life. And Grayson’s bluebird is coming home. 

Warning: This book is intended for Mature Audiences Only!
Copyright 2016 Author F.G. Adams

I lay a kiss on her hand before I remove the shirt up over her head.  I nod, seeing the passion and pleasure in her gaze as I unclasp her bra, releasing her breasts and kissing each reverently.  I continue down her body, tugging her bottoms off, snatching her panties as I go.   

“So beautiful, Bluebird.”  

I want to say so much, more, but intense bliss covers my throat, while I take in the delicate beauty presented before me.

Every night for seven long years I've dreamed of this moment.  Of connecting with my Bluebird.  My mate.  My zing.  My soul.  I want to slow down, but damn, my cock is weeping from the foreplay from the past several weeks, and tasting her skin has me in overdrive.

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