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Redux/Cover Remake: Crossing Her Boundaries by Dylan Cross @DylanCross7

Crossing Her Boundaries

redux/cover remake

Dylan Cross celebrates his four-year anniversary as a writer this week. To commemorate this occasion, his first book Crossing Her Boundaries is being re-released, complete with a new cover.
new cover
Boundaries is a collection of short stories, all written in variations of second-person narrative for the purpose of connecting intimately with the reader. The opening story places the reader at a party, where she's roped into an extremely raunchy contest.

If you lose the contest... then you will stay in this bed... where there will be an "anything goes" policy toward you...

The second tale offers the reader a choice--an extremely romantic, passionate candlelit evening, complete with strawberries... or a very hard-core, rough and degrading night.

Random kisses... you get to guess where. Your cleavage... your neck... your inner thigh... the back of your wrist... your navel... your earlobe... eventually replacing the kisses with gentle nibbles everywhere...

The third story, Bet On It, gives the protagonist little choice at all--the narrator has made a rather foolish sports wager with the wrong people, and there's only one form of collateral they'll accept.

I really thought the Bears were going to win that game... I couldn't pay and things were getting scary. These guys were really menacing. No, its ok, sweetie, I was able to work things out with them. Honey, someone's at the door, can you answer that?

There are also stories here to suit other tastes. Office politics (as in, an explicit action plan for "training" the new secretary) and outdoor fun (where strawberries make their second appearance.) The final tidbit, A Kept Man, plays upon the CFNM (clothed female naked male) theme, and will be sure to suit female readers with a bit of a dominant side.

I place my hand on the back of your head, but you slap it away. "Do I need to handcuff you? Keep your hands by your side and your ass against this door, or I'll leave for work and make you wait all day..."

Crossing Her Boundaries has something for everyone, and you should find it to be a short but delightful read.
Crossing Her Boundaries costs LESS than a bowl of strawberries... and/or a can of whipped cream!

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Dylan Cross is a dark erotica author. In addition to Crossing Her Boundaries, his notable works include Back to School, Fair Trade and the Amanda series.
Prior to his writing career, Dylan served in the U.S. Marine Corps, including a combat tour. Desiring to continue advocating for the cause of free speech and expression, Dylan later formed the Erotic Authors Guild, creating a unified voice for an entire genre of authors and readers. He resides in suburban Chicago with his family and cat.
Follow Dylan online:
Tumblr (VERY NSFW!): http://dylancross7.tumblr.com

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