Monday, April 11, 2016

Cover Reveal: Love Me Through the Storm by Renee Kennedy

Title: Love Me~Through the Storm
Series: Love Me Series #3
Author: Renee Kennedy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 17, 2016

My life is a mess and I’ve got more women wanting a piece of me than I'd ever know what to do with. But,

my mouth still waters for that delectable piece of forbidden fruit. For my own sanity, I should cut all ties 

with her but it’s too late. My heart is already involved and she needs me, now more than ever.

I’m not the kind of person people love. She's the only one who has ever found me worthy. 

They've tried to keep me away but for me, it’s always been her and it always will be. I’m here and ready to 

go to battle to keep her. It doesn’t matter that her family hates me, she’s mine and I can’t let her go.

My past is a hurricane and I can only hope she's able to weather the storm.

Renee Kennedy:

Renee Kennedy grew up in Decatur, AL and has been married to her high school sweet heart for 23 years. She currently lives in the Houston, TX area with her husband Jason, her son Braxton, and one very spoiled Yorkie, Chico. She also has one son that is serving our Country in the military, Brett.

She loves living in Texas but she’ll always be a Bama girl and that is where her heart remains. Renee has always been an avid reader but never dreamed of writing a book, until reminiscing about her grandparent’s love story, Bailey’s story popped into her head. Her grandparents played a significant role in her life growing up, so sharing a little piece of them with the world, helps keep them alive in her heart.

When she is not reading or writing she loves to cook and try out new recipes. You can often find her hanging out with her family and friends or stalking her own favorite authors.

Chico, her mini Yorkie, runs Renee's house and her so his every need must be catered too, after all he is her 3rd baby.

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