Thursday, July 3, 2014

~Character Interview with King & Evie~

King and Evie are sitting in King’s new bar

~Hey you two…So…When’s the wedding?  (Chuckles)…No Really, and wedding bells in the future?  Little King’s running around?
“We were married during the summer. We’re not planning to have any children in the foreseeable future.” King looked at Evie.
“We have plenty of time.” Evie agreed.

~I know when you first met, things were a bit rocky…ya know…using each other to get information…but honestly, what were your first impressions of each other?
“I thought she was a very attractive woman.” King hedged.
Evie laughed. “I thought he was a dick.”

~What are three things you Like and Dislike about each other? (and play nice)
King thought for a minute. “I like that she’s loyal, can drink me under the table, and of course pole dances for me. I dislike that she’s a smartass, that she thinks I’m not macho, and drinks my expensive whiskey.”
Evie rolled her eyes. “I like that he quit smoking, that he buys expensive whiskey, and is good in bed. I dislike that he’s usually a ass, that he hides his expensive whiskey, and that he couldn’t do the dishes if his life depended on it.”

~Evie, in KING, we find out about your past.  Do you find that having King in your life has helped you find peace and closure with the past?
“Definitely. I didn’t know how big the hole in my heart was until King filled it. Our pasts helped us to understand each other better, his love for Lily is important to him and The Last Riders are important to me.”

~Both of you go through many changes within KING, one being a career change.  Why at this point in both of your lives were you looking for a “change”?
“I had to change for Lily and Evie’s safety.” King answered.
“Mine isn’t so simple to answer.” Evie explained. “I needed more. When I became a PRN when I was in the military it was to help other’s. My attack and losing Levi made me forget that for a while. I guess the best way to explain is simply say that I had healed enough to go back to the job I loved.”

~King, I love how you try to prove your “Macho-ness” throughout KING.  What are some of the things that you do around the house to prove that you’re “Macho”, like The Last Riders?
“Last week I installed a ceiling fan.” King bragged.
“It shakes.” Evie said.
“I fixed the sink faucet that was dripping.”
Evie shook her head. “I did that.”
“I put together your new elliptical.”
Evie shook her head. “It broke.”
King gave her a wicked grin. “I gave you three orgasms last night.”
Evie nodded. “That you did just fine.”

~Evie, how has life changed now that you are a “One Man Woman”?  Does King keep you satisfied enough? (Wink Wink)
“Did you read my last sentence?”

~Can’t wait for everyone to read your story…and I for one am so happy for you both, that you have found each other!!

“Thank You.”

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