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~Review: Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC #1) by River Savage~

Phoenix ‘Nix’ Knight thought pulling his club out of the illegal shit his Pops got them into was difficult. 

Until he meets Kadence. 

Kadence Turner has no business lusting over a student’s father, especially the president of the Knights Rebels MC. Nix is crass, obnoxious and dangerously sexy and for some reason, Kadence can’t seem to hate him for it. The bossy biker breaks down her defenses, but unlike the old Kadence, the woman she is today won’t give in without a fight. 

The tension is undeniable, the attraction fierce. A man that wants what he wants and a woman that will fight him every step of the way.

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Reading is a passion of mine and as I read a book, I focus on the total story, the outcome, and how it affects me as the reader.  This book is on my all-time favorites list!  From the beginning, I was drawn into the author's creation of the Knights Rebels MC World.  The brotherhood reminded me of the special bond that I have with my family and friends; therefore it was really easy for me to relate to their bond. 

Incandescent is the debut novel by author River Savage and she has proven herself as a phenomenal writer and storyteller!  I love this book! I love the characters.  I love the plot.  I love the sex.  I love everything about it!  This book is a must read. It has everything; humor, love, romance, angst, twists and turns, ups and downs.  But most importantly it seizes your attention and continues to immerse you into the lives of the characters.  Another interesting aspect to the book is that it is told from both of the main character's perspective.  The dialogue is switched throughout the story and you are given a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of both which enables you to understand and take their journey to another level.

Phoenix "Nix" Knight is the President of the Knight Rebels MC. He has spent the years since taking over the club working to clean it up and make it a respected member of the community.  After his ex-wife blows off a teacher/parent meeting for their son, Nix is forced to attend.  From the moment his piercing emerald eyes landed on the feisty smart-mouth teacher, Kadence Turner, he is hooked. He wants her.  

Nix is annoying and bossy and knows how to push Kadence's buttons and in return she knows how to light a fire for Nix. Patience is not a virtue for our domineering alpha male, he knows what he wants, moves fast and takes it.  After one date he had Kadence in his bed and knew she was his, now all he has to do is get her to agree that she belongs with him.

She enjoys sassing Nix and her dirty mouth is a big turn on for him.  Kadence struggles with internal battles between her body, heart and mind.  Her body yearns for Nix and his touch while her heart and mind remembers the betrayal she suffered from her ex-fiancé Zane.  Kadence doesn't believe in love at first sight, although she knows something extraordinary is happening between them.  Their interaction becomes more natural as they spend more time together and Kadence relishes the banter between them.

"No I don't believe in love at first sight."  "Are you sure Kadence?  I was there when you first met me."  He laughs and I elbow him in the stomach.

After revealing her inner demons to Nix, their relationship grows and shifts; something new emerges between the couple. Stronger feelings surface and the wall around her heart begins to crumble, giving him a part of her heart and it is lost to him.

"I'm also the type to know when he's got a good thing, and you, Kadence, are a good thing."

The main characters are well developed and the secondary characters are hilarious; you will fall in love with all of them.  Some of the sayings will have you rolling around holding your stomach because you are laughing so hard. While your husband thinks you have finally fallen off the turnip truck.

"It's your own fault, Kadence.  You shouldn't have poked a bear."

The ending of this story is brilliant and leaves you grasping for the next book which is Sy & Holly's story.  Throughout my reading, I kept thinking, I need a "Nix Fix" and so will you! Get your copy now. ~TSRBR

Hero:  5 stars
Heroine: 5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Steam Level: 5 stars
Cliffhanger:  No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes!  This is an exceptionally well written novel and you do not want to miss a single page of Nix and Kadence's story.

Would I recommend this author:  Yes!  River Savage is a phenomenal author.  In creating the world of her Rebel Knights MC series, she has elevated herself as an TBR listed author that you do not want to miss.  

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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