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~Review: Krac's Firebrand (Zion Warriors #2) by S.E. Smith~

Section K Replication Alluthan Clone, or Krac as he was now called, had one focus in his life; protecting the descendants of the Freedom Five who ruled Earth’s council. Rescued by members of the family from a secret facility, he pledged to do what he could to always keep them safe. Things become personal when insurgents target a special member of the Freedom Five, Gracie Jones-Jefe and her family. When Violet Jefe is kidnapped, he swears to do everything he can to bring the precocious little girl, who is the image of her mother, home safely and kill those who took her without mercy. Captain “Skeeter” Lulu Belle Mann lives a life of freedom drifting from Spaceport to Spaceport in her short haul freighter looking for unusual treasures to add to her collection of mismatched prizes. On the Pyrus Space Station, she finds two treasures she has to have! One is the new navigation module she desperately needs and the other is a curly haired little girl with big green eyes that melts her heart. Never one to be denied what she really wants, Skeeter buys the first and steals the second. When sources lead Krac to the Lulu Belle, he finds more than he expects - a woman who fires his blood almost as much as she draws it. Krac’s hands and life are suddenly full to overflowing. He has to capture the woman who is driving him crazy, protect little Violet, and keep them all alive long enough to deliver one home and the other to his bed. There is more than Violet in danger, though. Someone has targeted Skeeter and the Lulu Belle and they are just as deadly as Krac. Can he protect the feisty firebrand that has captured his heart or will he lose the only thing he has ever cared about to another of his kind?

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Karc's Firebrand is the second book in S.E. Smith's Zion Warriors series.  I recommend you read the first book in the series Gracie's Touch before reading this one.  The author creates a phenomenal world for the reader to explore; allowing for many hours of entertainment.

Krac has been sent on a mission to rescue one of the descendants of the ‘Freedom Five’, Anastasia Miller.  Krac or Section K Replication Alluthan Clone knew only one thing and that was this mission was personal because Anastasia Miller was the one that had saved his life years ago.  He owed her and worked with her to assure that the ruling council continued to rule.  Krac had only met two Earth women that gave him pause, Anastasia and Gracie.  Both women were not the usual but extraordinary women that did whatever was necessary for the good of their people. While rescuing Anastasia, Krac retrieves information that the ‘Source’ or leader of the New Order wants Gracie Jones kidnapped and returned to Earth.  When Krac arrives to warn Gracie and her mate of the kidnap plan, it is to find out that attempts had already been made.  Gracie’s daughter Violet meets her Uncle Krac when he arrives and tells him about her new baby brother.  When the attempt to kidnap Gracie fails the kidnappers take Violet as a bargaining tool.  Krac promises to find Violet and return her safely to her family.  As he searches for Violet he finds the trail leads him to a freighter and a Captain Lula Belle Mann. 
Captain ‘Skeeter’ Lula Belle Mann was the adopted daughter of a Triterian named Bulldog Ti’Death. Lula Belle considered him to be her very own dragon that had rescued when her parents were killed.  He had given her a home and loved the little Earthling regardless of the differences in their race.  She was his daughter and he protected what belonged to him. Skeeter wanted to prove to her father that she could help with his business and convinced him to give her a freighter to help move cargo between planets and spaceports.  She was on her fifth co-pilot and the last four had not ended their lives well at the hand of Bulldog Ti’Death.  Not that Skeeter was aware of what had happened to them; she seemed to move through life unaware of consequences.  When she stumbled into a parts shop hunting a replacement part, she left with a child and not the part.  The child had been kidnapped and Skeeter was trying to help her get home to her family.
When Lula Belle and Krac meet strange feelings begin to surface between the two of them.  Krac feels something for Lula Bella that he has never felt before, attraction to a woman.  Is this the woman that was made for him?  Will she accept him? Can they save the Alliance from The Order? You need to read the book to find out what happens.  You will be transported to another world.~TSRBR

Hero –Krac: 5 stars
Heroine ‘Skeeter’ Lulu Belle Mann: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This book takes up where Gracie’s Touch ends and tells the story of a feisty woman and the cloned half human, half alien that come together to save mankind.  The only problem is Lulu Belle usually breaks everything she comes in contact with!  What’s an Alluthan Clone to do? Fall in love of course!

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! Really love the way Ms. Smith tells her stories and as always she did not disappoint with her next installment of Zion Warriors’ book 2.  The only thing that isn’t perfect is that I have to wait for the next book, which I will definitely be reading it when it becomes available! 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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