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~Blog Tour & Giveaway: Slim to None by Freya Barker~

Book: Slim To None 

Author: Freya Barker

Release Date: August 28th
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Since moving to beautiful Cedar Tree, Colorado, Emma Young, mother of one adult daughter, has worked from home doing some online bookkeeping and baking for her best friend's diner to supplement her disability pension. Life has been pretty damn good. That is, until she received a strange phone call that started an alarming chain of events.

Investigator Gus Flemming was hot on the trail of a bail skip with organized crime connections, when he ended up in Cedar Tree. Here the focus of his investigation landed squarely on the gently rounded shoulders of the vivacious red-headed Emma, whose physical limitations have done nothing to dampen her zest for life. 

When it becomes clear that Emma is at risk, Gus doesn't hesitate to step in and protect her. Call it a job with some very hot benefits.....


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Opening up the door for Emma, he reached up to help her down, but instead of putting her down, he simply held her wrapped in his arms with her feet dangling just shy of the ground. For once he was looking straight in her eyes.
"Short little thing, aren't ya?"
"Gus, what are you doing?" Emma breathed out.
"Holding you. Feels good having my arms full of woman. Are you gonna smack me if I kiss you?" 
Before Emma had a chance to respond, his mouth settled firmly over her half-opened lips. Pulling back, he looked at her slightly stunned blue eyes, and moved back in at an adjusted slant. With a strong swipe of his tongue, he claimed access to her mouth. 
Oh yeah, that woke her up. Her two small hands grabbed the hair at the base of his skull, while her tongue gave as good as it got. 
Her body slowly slid down until her feet touched the ground, leaving his hands free to roam over the luscious curves of her ass; more than just a handful and feeling so fucking good. He couldn't help but rock his rejuvenated hard-on against her body, letting her feel exactly what she did to him. Fuck. That woman could kiss thirty year old paint of the walls. Her sweet taste and spicy little tongue seemed to satisfy a hunger he didn't realize he had. Her small, but strong hands were kneading the contours of his back and ass, making his skin tingle and his balls draw up tight. 
She was rubbing her breasts up against his chest, eager for friction. She made little groaning noises that drove him wild. His hips were involuntarily dry humping into her and he felt so fucking sexed up and hungry to come. He hadn't felt this way since he was about sixteen and had his first taste of a girl's pussy. 
The slam of the trash can lid by the backdoor had them jumping apart. Seb was standing with the door in his hand and a big-ass grin on his face.
"Coming in, folks? Or am I gonna sell tickets?"
"Fuck off, Seb." Emma said, turning all shades of embarrassed. She could barely look Gus in the eye, but the level she was looking at now wasn't much better… holy cow! Lifting her eyes to his face, he was standing there looking all smug down at her.
"Not gonna apologize, darlin'. Although, I came close to throwing you back in the truck and taking you here."
"Seriously? You have no filter! Do you say everything?"
Gus just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Pretty much. Don't see the point in beating around the bush, do you? We had an orgasm together, Emma, it's not like we're complete strangers. And that kiss was fucking hot. I look forward to more."
She just shook her head and laughed it off because seriously, what else do you do with a declaration like that? Emma grabbed his arm and started moving for the back door where Seb had disappeared inside.


Freya Barker has always been creative. Involved in music and dance when she was younger, she followed it up with cake design, quilting, and has most recently added cover design, the Dutch-born Canadian mother of two now has found her voice - writing.

Freya Barker is the pen name for a well-respected reviewer/blogger, who has a strong following on her blog, Facebook and Goodreads. As an avid reader, the next step to pen a book of her own seemed natural. 

Driven to make her story about 'real' people, Freya writes about people who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, hot monkey sex and some thrills and chills in their lives! 



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