Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review of Fighting to Breathe (Shooting Stars #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Lea Lamb and Austin Wolf were young when they fell in love. They never imagined the future could hold anything other than together-forever. 

When Lea’s father dies in a tragic fishing accident, she's crushed under the weight of her grief and catches a glimpse of another type of future, one she knows she's not strong enough to face. 

Austin is angry. For the past fifteen years, he's believed the woman he loved with every ounce of his soul left him without so much as a backwards glance.

When Lea unexpectedly returns to their hometown, all the years of heartache inside Austin bubbles to the surface and presents itself as blinding rage. 

Faced with the truth about the past, a newly discovered secret, these former lovers will learn that if they want to have any chance at the future they’d given up on all those years ago, they will have to rescue one another from drowning in pain so debilitating it will leave them both fighting to breathe.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Air is life and without it all life will perish and that is a similar analogy to the two wandering souls in Aurora Rose Reynolds' novel, Fighting to Breathe. In this story we find our main characters, Austin and Lea drifting through life. Her father was a fisherman, who was lost at sea and his body was never recovered.  After the devastating loss of her father, Lea left Alaska and her high school love, Austin.  She moved to Montana to start a new life.  When Lea’s mother calls years later wanting her to return home because she is dying of cancer, Lea agrees, hoping against hope that she will not run into Austin.  In a small town that just wasn't going to happen.  Austin never got over her betrayal and hated her for leaving him. Love is a fine line and he was walking a tight rope with her.  He believed that they were meant to be together, but she had left him and never looked back.  Lea had married someone else and started a life without him.  This is their journey of forgiveness, redemption and a once in a lifetime, forever kind of love.

This was a powerful read that evoked numerous emotions, including happiness, sadness, grief and longing for our couple to find each other again.  The powerful connection they shared was brought to life by this marvelously talented author. Once again Ms. Reynolds proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that her writing will not only capture your imagination but also dig into your heart.  I fell in love with the characters and their heart wrenching story of love lost and found.  This made a great addition to my library and I look forward to reading more from gifted writer.

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