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Spotlight Author of the Week: Davida Lynn

Davida Lynn began writing two years ago after a creative life on and off stage. In her late twenties, Davida is now exploring her creativity through storytelling. She loves strong female characters that can hold their own against sexy alpha males. She loves nothing more than getting caught up in her own characters as their stories unfold. She believes there is power and beauty in romance, and we can all benefit from a happily ever after.

After six years working in a library, Davida finally took the plunge and made writing her full-time career. When she's not writing, her time is spent on the fixer upper log cabin she and her man recently bought. She lives with him and their very spoiled cat in southern Indiana.

To date, Davida has written two novels and eight Novellas. The majority of her work has centered around the Rising Sons Motorcycle Club. An outlaw motorcycle gang based in Bakersfield, California, the Rising Sons have some of the most badass bikers in all of California as members. Davida's first novella series paints a detailed picture of the club from the perspective of some of the women who can't help but love these strong alpha males.

Those three novellas, called The Virtues, lead up to the events of Davida’s second novel, The Rising Sons Motorcycle Club. When an old member comes back to haunt them, an unlikely hero emerges. No woman had ever tried to join the Rising Sons until Raven came along. She is strong and a biker through and through. The Rising Sons must fight for everything they have to save their president and their club.

Giving the bikers a break, Davida tackled the hot subject of firefighters. With a gritty realism, Davida told the stories of three different firefighters in the Detroit Heat series. In a career plagued with emotional pain and physical danger, love can still prevail. All three firefighters play opposite females just as strong as they are.

After Detroit Heat, Davida picked up the Rising Sons, once again. Focusing on the motorcycle club’s new chapter in Davis, California, we are introduced to new members of the club, and we learn more about the old members. Book one in the Davis Chapter, Patience, was just recently released.

In late July and early August, books two and three will come out. Temperance and Reverence continue Davida’s tradition of dangerous, sexy bikers and the women who can't help but love them.

September will see something new from Davida. Outlaw Country is a full-length novel that follows pop-princess Gracie Heart and country bad boy Colton Wade through the music industry. With everything against them, the two young superstars put their careers on the line for each other.

Patience: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 1) 
Amazon US: http://amzn.com/B0116FQESE

What would you do if you woke up next to a ripped, hot stranger? What if you couldn't remember your name? What if you didn't trust him, but he was your only link to the real world? 

Patience struggles to find out who she really is with the help of Thunder, a sexy biker on the wrong side of the law. One motorcycle club claims her, another MC wants to out her, and all she wants is the truth. 

What would you do if you could start all over, again?

Hope: Biker Romance (The Virtues Series Book 1) 

Hope Cantwell grew up believing things could be better. Growing up with an abusive father, she tried to teach her little brother differently. After ten years she’s back, and it’s worse than she could have thought. He owes the wrong people money, and their only hope is her high school sweetheart who grew up to be a rough and tumble biker.

Trask Rivers is the Sergeant-At-Arms for the Rising Sons MC. He and Hope haven’t seen each other since she went off to school and he got a job as muscle for the club. With her brother strung out on drugs and in a deep debt to the mob, Hope only has one chance: Trask. Rough with a dark sense of humor, Trask hasn't lost his passion for Hope. Circumstance drove them apart, but it also drove them right back together, and the fire is still burning inside both of them.

If she can convince him and the Rising Sons to help her and her addict brother, she might just keep what’s left of her family together.

Faith: Biker Romance (The Virtues Series Book 2) 

When there's nothing left, there's always faith...

Faith finally meets a man who is nothing like her overbearing friends and family. He’s dangerous, ripped, and doesn’t treat her like a princess. He’s trouble, and that’s just what she’s looking for. After a run in with her father, Faith and Eddie abandon wintery Colorado for sunny California. They don’t have money, but they have a Harley and a gun.

Along the way, Faith is forced to grow up and embrace the dangerous life that will get them to their destination. When she learns a terrible secret, she must hide it from Eddie, even as he takes the fall for a bank robbery.

Can their love withstand the storm? Can it survive? Can they survive? Have faith...

Charity: BWWM Romance (The Virtues Series Book 3)

You've got to go through Hell before you get to Heaven

Charity has complete control at her job stripping for cash, but outside the club, her life is a mess. She's broke and her ex-boyfriend is stalking her. She'd go to the police, except he's on the force. She needs a little muscle to get things done, and lucky for her, a group of bikers come her way.

Tanner is a muscular, tattooed club biker willing to do just about anything for a pretty girl. He and Charity come up with a business plan that is win-win, but what started out as business quickly turns into something far more personal. Can she keep her feelings under control, or will the sexy white guy change her mind about who she can and should date?

With her crazy ex hunting her down, Charity has only one man that can keep her safe, a man she's beginning to feel is more than just a business partner...

Kade's Rescue (Detroit Heat Book 1) 

Life in the fire service isn’t for the weak.

Nothing about Kade is weak, but every man has his breaking point. After two tragic events while battling fires, he begins to feel doubt creeping into his life. Is Kade really cut out to be part of Detroit’s Engine 37? Is he really cut out to battle blazes?

Layne has devoted her life to helping those in need. She's looking for a man with the same moral compass. Finding someone that shares her passion has done hell for her love life, but when a handsome firefighter comes to volunteer at her community kitchen, Layne can’t let another chance slip through her fingers.

Kade and Layne are on cloud nine until his past catches up with him. With the weight of the world on his back, can Kade come out on top? Can Layne do what she does best for the man she loves? Will they survive the flames together?

Rico's Recovery (Detroit Heat Book 2) 

It's not how hard we fall, it's how we take the hit.

After an injury that nearly kills him, Rico has a long recovery ahead of him if he ever wants to fight fire again. His confidence bordering on cockiness is replaced with fear and depression, and he all but gives up on his dreams of returning to his career as a firefighter.

Lizzie doesn't take no for an answer. She is a tough physical therapist who knows with the right motivation, Rico can overcome all of his injuries. After the long rehabilitation process, she is confident he’ll return to work without any lasting effects.

The two have a hard road. Their feelings grow as they train together week in and week out. Soon, their professional relationship is getting in the way of their personal one. Both Lizzie and Rico face some of the hardest decisions of their lives. Career or love? Present or future? Success or failure?

Jonah's Return (Detroit Heat Book 3) 

No man can stand against the flames forever.

Jonah can't take it anymore. He's sick of the macho firefighter mentality. It caused him to lose the love of his life, and he can't work without that reminder hanging over his head. He would rather transfer anywhere if it meant a second chance with Abbey.

Abbey is tough. She knows what it's like to be a woman in a man's profession, so when Jonah comes to her begging for another shot, she's not about to give in right away. He's going to have to prove himself before she risks her heart a second time.

Jonah has to fight his instincts, his brothers, and his career to make up for his mistakes in the past. Can he prove to Abbey that running into burning buildings isn't the only way to be a hero?

Brutal: Biker Romance 

Faith is the key. Without it, we have nothing...

Alicia didn't belong here. She wasn't looking for love or thrills. She wasn't looking for a biker. She just wanted to survive.
Maverick was part of a different world. Smart and devastatingly sexy, he was a bad boy biker who walked unscathed through the valley of sex, crime, and death. He was her best chance at living to see another day.

They never expected to fall in love...

Visions of Tomorrow 

There are no happy endings in war...or are there?

The year is 1914. Tensions run high in the modern city of Sarajevo.

Sonja Karnovich is young, beautiful, royalty, and dying for anything outside of her rigid, dull life. While attending the Grand Prince’s party, excitement is just what she finds in the handsome Allan Chase.

He's a wildly popular American adventurer and if the rumors are true, an incredible lover. Rumors aren't enough for the young princess, and the two slip away from the party for a private rendezvous. With Sonja in his arms, Allan has a dark flash into the near future.

Their love is the start of an impossible race to prevent the bloodiest war in history. Can they solve the mystery of his visions in time to stop an assassination? Who is the group after Sonja and Allan? Will they survive to prevent a tragedy?


What inspired you to write an MC novel with a female lead? Do you have bikers in your background??

Most of the MC books I had read had the female as a main character, but not really a lead character.  She was present while the action happened, but she didn’t necessarily participate.  So I wanted to change things up a bit and create a character that was central to the action.

In The Rising Sons, Raven wants to be a member, not just an ol’ lady.  I thought it would be fun to see her struggle and persevere in that world.  Everyone gives her so much shit, but she proves herself over and over, again

Have you always been a writer? Was there a time that you didn't want to write?
I’ve always been creative.  I was in plays and musicals as a kid, before I knew what it was to be embarrassed.  I think the creative itch has always been there.  I painted for a while, I wrote poetry and lyrics.  In high school and college I wrote some short stories from time to time, but never did anything with it.  A few years ago, something sparked inside of me.  I found this absolutely amazing way to connect with people that I hadn’t ever known.  It was so powerful, and I’m pretty sure I’m hooked for life.

What do you hope the reader takes away from your books? 

I hope my readers come away feeling warm.  I want them to feel that blanket of emotions wrap around them.  Beyond that, I can’t say much.  Everyone reads with a different eye, and they’ll interpret based on all their past experiences.  That’s what makes interacting with fans so amazing.  They may pick up on things or read things in a totally different way than I ever would, and that is so wonderful to hear about.

Seriously how difficult is it to write a sex scene? Of course inquiring minds wanna know if it comes from personal experience {just funnin with you on the second part}

Writing a sex scene is easy.  Writing a good sex scene?  Not so easy.  Anyone can write the physicality of sex, but to work in all the emotional undertones and subtleties of characters is really hard.  That said, sometimes you are just in the mood.  You feel the characters, you close your eyes, and you are there with them…

Personal inspiration?  Yes.  Yes, absolutely, yes.

Do you have writing rituals? Do you write in the same place, have a process outline or just wing it?

I try to stick to the same routine.  I feel very thrown off if I have a meeting or appointment during the middle of the day.  Coffee first thing, check the email, try to wake up, then it’s time to write.  I try to go until about six in the evening whenever possible.

I swear by outlining, because I am a bit of an airhead.  If an idea or plot point isn’t written down, it can easily float away from me like a breeze has grabbed ahold of it.  That said, my current novella is pure winging-it.  We’ll see how that experiment goes…

Do you have a favorite author, someone you automatically one click??

I will always one-click Cora Brent and Deborah Bladon.  Every. Single. Time.  I love Stephen King if I’m in the mood for something outside of romance.  I try to avoid the used book store, because I’ll come away with anything that has a pretty cover, too.  I know, I know; you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but damn are some of them gorgeous!

What was your first big a-ha moment, something that happened that says I've arrived? {padded handcuffs instead of the regular stainless??}

My “I’ve arrived” moment was when Donna P. urged, nay violently shoved me into signing up for an author event in 2017.  I never in my life could have imagined doing something like that.  Who would want to see me?  Apparently someone does, so I’ll be there  ;)

When your not writing what do you like to do? Hobbies {skirt flipped up bent over the couch hot sex with hubby maybe??}

Is sex a hobby?  I think I can write it off as research, now  ;)  Besides writing, hubby and I just bought a log cabin; a real fixer-upper, so he’s teaching me to use all kinds of power tools.  It’s a work-in-progress, but it’s going to be beautiful.  Unfortunately, all our money is funneled into the house right now, but I really hope to travel soon.  Colorado or Vermont is a must for me in the near future.

What does your WIP look like and can we have a teaser? 

I have two WIP.  One is a novel about two country music stars.  Imagine a bad boy country singer like Brantley Gilbert falling hard for a country-turned-pop princess like Taylor Swift.  She’s as pure as the driven snow, and he’s…impure in every way.  Outlaw Country will be out in the fall.

My next release is a continuation of my Rising Sons universe.  A new chapter has been established in Davis, and every new endeavor has growing pains.  When a woman wakes up with no memory next to a ripped, tattooed, naked man, she struggles to find someone who knows her real identity.  There’s twists and turns galore in Patience, due out in July.

Tell us one random fact about you that noone ese knows??

I make up songs about everything.  My latest one goes something like, “Are there anymore big spiders in the basement?”  Hubby gives me strange looks, but then the songs get stuck in his head and he sings along.  His favorite?  One called “Wrinkly Tits Dot Com.”

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