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Book Spotlight & Exclusive Interview with Author SVC Ricketts @SVC_Ricketts


We are super excited to have SVC Ricketts with us today! She is a contemporary romance author and professional smart alec. 

Raised between Southern California and Oahu, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1993 and although I love it here, my heart belongs to the Islands - it always will. When I'm not in, what I loving call “book-mode”, I multitasks life between my hilarious adult special needs daughter, super smexy husband of 11 years, two dogs, and sweating out stress in a hot yoga studio. Shop-a-holic is a term I've been called often, I love carbs, and am Twitter and Facebook addicted.

1.    Where did you get the idea for your book? Katy Perry's song, "E.T." came on and I, in a way, became Marvy. In my much, much younger days, I was...bold. ;) Today, I am a Mom, wife, and homebody. Two different sides of a coin. I found it funny that I have evolved so much, yet the "Marvy" in me is very much there, I just suppress her. But just like a lion in the circus, you can tame it to a certain degree, but their true nature never goes away.   
2.    Do have personal experience or know someone that has alters in their life? I don't, but I did A LOT of research on the subject. Damn, some of those books are big and dry as hell! I spent days in the library reading everything from clinical studies and mental health experts, to individuals that are afflicted. But in all of my books, I never want to treat anything like a tagline, or a gimmick. Those that suffer deserve our respect for being able to survive through life. Turns out I have many friends that endure clinical depression, and bi-polar. I hope they read this book and I have written it in such a way that honors every milestone they have accomplished. 

3.    If so, did this experience inspire you to write this trilogy? Some days I think I am multiple people. I am a woman, wife, and Mom, aren't we all?
4.    How do you prepare when you are starting a new book? I have notes and notebooks EVERYWHERE for different story ideas, some may never see the light of day. In my head I have a plan of the publishing order of the books, but other than that, everything is spontaneous. In a case like My Last Season With You, that came from nowhere and interrupted Pieces Of One rewrites. The story rocked me to tears, so I knew I had to get that one out. 
5.    When you get down to your writing, do you have a special place to write, or a ritual before writing?  When I do commit to an idea, I have to have a scented candle and my big bluetooth headphones connected to my Soundcloud for all the latest techno mixes from my favorite DJs. 
Confession: I am addicted to jewelry candles. It's like a Cracker Jack box for me! It's also like a reward for myself and if I haven't spent enough time writing, I don't get my prize.
6.    Do you research, visit or read about the locations in your books? I research everything I put in my books via library, and the interwebs. The most important things to me, other than the story itself, is accuracy, realism, and consistency. If I write about a city, I use Google Maps to make sure I have the details right. When I wrote about Cancer, I visited a hospice and talked to some of the staff. Since I couldn't do that with a mental hospital for Pieces, I had to rely on reference books from the library and articles from the internet. If you are wondering if I have any ties with the Croatian crime organization, the answer is no. Ha, ha, ha, ha!
7.    Where do you find your inspiration for each character you write about? This question makes me giggle. Much of my characters are parts of me, the lead males have a lot of similarities to my husband. The rest are how I want to see people. The bad guys are hard to write for me though, I'm only an a$$hole to a certain degree. Though there is a lot of a$$holery in this world that make good copy. *eyes roll* 
8.    Do you fit names and descriptions to character personalities? Oh if I tell you this, I may be giving away some of my little tricks and spoil the fun. ;) I will tell you this, there are so many little things in Pieces Of One Part 2 that a reader can pick up on if they really look. If they are anything like me, they read the book as if it's a movie and question every look, suspect every phrase, and seek out the hints or tells. I do everything with purpose when I write. There is not one scene that is a waste of words. That would be insulting the reader and wasting not only their time, but their money.

9.    What was the deciding factor that made you decide to become a writer? HA! I went to see the Hunger Games and got addicted to reading from there. Read everything YA I could get my hands on. Transitioned to NA, then Contemp. Rom. I kept yelling at my kindle when the heroine or hero would do something a$inine. Finally I got sick of it and said, "F*ck it, I'm writing my own damn book!" So I did. In a month, I wrote a 200+ page YA/SpecFic. Never going to be pub'd because I'm too busy and write for a different audience, but it's there.
10.Are you a runner like Trista? I'm like Bryson and Marvy, I don't run. For life survival or good shopping, I'll run. For fun? Ummm...no, thank you.

** Book TWO in a three part DARK suspense and contemporary romance series. Be warned: IT HAS A CLIFFHANGER ENDING! Author not to be held responsible for broken or damage eReaders. **

Within the last few weeks I’ve been stalked, almost raped, witnessed a murder, and found out I am working with the FBI. All because of that tramp, Marvy. Mind you, I did have had my first sexual experience with a smoking hot guy, so there’s that…but I still hate her.

That dumb mouse blames me for everything, which is total horse manure! If were up to me, I wouldn’t have gone back to the club without a gun. Now I’m stuck with that jerk-off, Bryson, hiding from people who want to see me dead.

I’m supposed to be getting the dirt on Bryson, but truth of the matter is, I think I’m falling in love with the scumbag.
He killed someone to protect me, but he also is the reason he had to. I don’t know what to think about him. He doesn’t know about my problems. Or maybe he does.
The only man I can trust is Alex. But he doesn’t know where I am thanks to Bryson. I love them both in ways that are completely different. Kind of like my alters.

Wat a friggin’ mess, dez two dip shitz are!

** Due to explicit language, violence and sexual scenes, this is recommended for a mature audience, 18+. Read with extreme CAUTION. **

Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ Stars!
Are you ready to delve into the many lives of Trista Dividir? Learn what makes her tick? Have your questions from Part 1 answered?  Pieces of One, Part 2 by SVC Ricketts is truly an amazing five star read.  Ms. Ricketts has created an unique storyline that is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie, The Many Faces of Eve. While at the same time it is so much more. I love the way this book flows seamlessly from the first book and also the way it ends with a totally unexpected twist. To say that this book is anything but extraordinary is an understatement!  In Part 2 we learn more about the relationship Bryson and Trista share and it will enthrall, elate and break your heart!
Trista’s demons are not the usual ones.  She lives with multiple alter egos that co-inhabit her body.  In this second part of the Dark Life Collection, we delve into those different alters but also explore the developing love story between Trista and Bryson.  The author's use of alters was eye opening and insightful into the way Trista lives and what occurred in her past to cause her psyche to split.  Trista doesn’t know about all of them at the beginning of this book but as the storyline progresses she learns about them and how they support her.  The way they are used to support Trista and each other is brilliant and a remarkable part of the plot.

Bryson is a protector.  He is a man that loves deeply and is intensely loyal. His feelings for Trista are all inclusive and he will do anything for her, including killing those that mean her harm. Finding a way to safely get out of his mob ties to the Crotian mafia known as the KK and at the same time keep the woman he loves safe is a difficult path, but Bryson accepts it.  No cost is too much, if it means she is safe!

The conclusion not only offers a huge, what in the hell moment, but it provides a transition that allows us a glimpse of where book three begins. In all honesty, I urge you to read this book.  You will be stunned, amazed and left utterly speechless as the uniqueness of Ms. Ricketts' imagination unfolds page after page. Her writing style compiled with the twists and turns of the storyline makes this a one-of-a-kind-knock-your-socks-off-read!



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