Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review of Hunger (Chosen by the Karal #4) by Harmony Raines

Ishk has made it his job to protect his home planet from human females. Instead of offering to help Earth, the Karal should simply take the females they need, to breed the next generation, and imprison them in the breeding house. Forced to take a mate for himself, he is adamant that he is one Karalian who will never fall under the spell of a female from Earth 

Evie is desperate, with no home she is forced to live on the streets, finding shelter wherever she can. In a bid to be more than a forgotten soul on the dying Earth, she enters the lottery, never expecting to win. She certainly never expected her lottery "prize" to be the hard faced, emotionless Ishk. 

Can a life on Karal, with an alien who hates everything about your species, be better than the life she wants to escape? 

Made to take one of the human females, Ishk takes her to his bed and mates with her, knowing it is his duty to produce a son before the Prime passes. However, while Evie is in his bed, he still intends to convince the Hier Council that Earth females should not be allowed to roam the planet. He believes that a smaller number of females should be taken and kept for breeding purposes, and shared amongst the Karal. It would put less strain on the planet's resources and save their sons the heartache of watching two parents die. 

Yet when faced with the true facts about his plans, can he change? Or will it be too late and his past deeds will ruin the future he now craves. 

Hunger: Chosen by the Karal, contains scorching hot sex scenes and is meant for adults only. 

Overall Rating:  3.5 Rockin’ ★★★☆

Earth is dying from pollutants and over use of resources.  An alien race is searching for mating vessels to continue their dying race. They find them on Earth where they form an alliance.  In Hunger by Harmony Raines a lottery has been created to allow males a chance to find a mate.  They need a mate to breed with before the male is no longer virile.  Ishk sits on the high council and has been chosen to receive this gift by the Hier Ruler, but he doesn't feel softness towards the earthlings and their plight.  He believes they serve one purpose and that is to carry their offspring and should not be allowed to roam freely on their pollution free planet.

This is a quick read and although I haven't read the previous books in the series I was able to follow the story.  Evie and Ishk have many differences to overcome.  Evie's background is a skim (bottom feeder) and she is considered lower than scum.  Her parents were killed when she was young and she was left to fend for herself.  Ishk lost his father at a young age and fought hard to return to his farming roots and be a voice for his people amongst the high council.

This science fiction romance was entertaining. The author creates the Karal world and the characters beautifully.

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