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Book Spotlight & Exclusive Interview with Mayra Statham @MayraStatham


We are really happy to have the talented author Mayra Statham with us today at TSRBR.  Mayra recently release Davenport Harbor her third book in her series.  She resides in California. She is married with kids. Her addiction to romance novels and being an avid reader in the genre has made her dream come true. She enjoys going to book signings with her sister. She also loves  helping others indies by promoting their work. Some of her favorite authors are Kristen Ashley, Roxie Rivera & Jordan Marie . She loves being contacted by readers.

Where did you get the idea for Davenport Harbor?

      The first chapter of John and Anne's book came to me as I was finishing up Crown's Chance at Love. I was almost done and then this idea popped up that I couldn't ignore. I wrote the first chapter in like, 10 minutes. :) 

What inspires you to write?

       Reading. I think when you read, it opens your mind to so many world's and characters that it helps bring others to life. Sometimes great eye candy can inspire an entire book. Not just a sexy man or a beautiful woman, but like even a beautiful scenic view can help put in motion something you want to write about. 

What was the deciding factor that made you decide to become a writer?

      I have always had a passion for writing and books. I had always planned on writing as a career in some form, but life happened and we make choices in life and the writing part of my plans dwindled but I always read. Right before I turned 30, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before turning 35. Finishing a book was one of them. In working on one, I created a couple and now I can't see myself not writing. 

 Do use personal experience when you write? 
       In certain things I totally do. I think there are general things that as human beings, we all experience and that's why books give us common ground as readers. We all have felt heartache, loss, sadness, love. 

How do you prepare when you are starting a new book? If so, did this experience inspire you to write this series or something else?

    The start of a book, they have all been so different, but the one thing I do create off the bat is a secret visual board on pinterest. Something to help me stay on track with the characters. The boards help inspire characters, supporting characters who then turn into main character in a new book stuff like that. 

Do you research, visit or read about the locations in your books?

    My books take place in southern California, where I was born and raised, but I totally do research in specific areas, for example looking up real estate or apartments for inspiration of where characters will live. For my upcoming release, Davenport Harbor, I did research on the Los Angeles Arboretum since I had only been there once when I was a little girl. Etched in Stone, my sister had told me about a great rooftop place she'd been to for happy hour in LA called Perch. In the ending of Crown's Chance at Love, I did research about a specific are of Seattle so that I could set up that last chapter or two. 

 When you get down to your writing, do you have a special place to write, or a ritual you do before starting to write?
    Hmm, I always need a huge glass of something super cold next to me, usually iced water or iced coffee. Place wise, the best writing I get done is in my cave, aka bedroom office. I also write on my laptop in the living room, but with three kids it gets kind of tough to concentrate. 

Where do you find your inspiration for each character you write about? Are they based on someone you know? Have read about? Do you fit names and descriptions to your character’s personalities?

       Each character has developed differently. But I would have to say I go to Pinterest for my inspiration, no joke. I have tons of secret boards, and as each book is released so is the board. My characters are not based or haven't been yet on anyone I know, but who knows maybe in future books? Names and descriptions all depend on the age and the character I am developing at that moment.  So far first names have been very easy to create, last names are the toughest for me to pick and choose.


Your two main characters have a wide gap in age, why? What was your deciding factors for it?

       Honestly, I'm not sure I did that with a conscious decision of such a big age gap. John and Anne have a 17 year age difference. As much of a problem as it might have been I think because of who they are and what they've been through, the age difference works between them. He never let something from his past go, so he played into the playboy persona of not caring, work hard, play harder. She was young and naive and found AND left a very unhealthy situation the moment she found out she was pregnant. They were both hurting people. She had a maturity level of someone older than her 26 years, and he had been stuck in a immature mindset... I think they just met in the middle somehow and meshed really well. 

This is your third book in your series, what's next?

      I am excited to share that I have a new novella length series called Never Too Late. It's older couples who find love later on, proving that love & companionship is ageless. There is never an age where you should not find it. The first book of this series is titled Longing For You. It is a second chance romance with a first love. I'm hoping for a November 2015 release.

     Now that Davenport Harbor is done I have three books I am currently working on. 

Piercing Love is book 4 of Six Degrees Series and I am happy to say it is Matt and Birdie's book. He does security and she is John Davenport's personal assistant by day and moonlights as an indie romance author. Scheduled to release Spring 2016

Wishing For You is book two of the Never Too Late series. They are friends turned to lovers type of story mixed in with opposites attract. He's suits and formal and she's flip flops and bohemian. Scheduled to release late winter 2016.

LIE is book 1 of a new four book series that revolves around the four very different, very alpha Wainwright brothers. 

The youngest Wainwright, Marcus, is a hot Hollywood box office star and he is done being typecast-ed, he is ready to show Hollywood, his brothers and the world what more he can do. Grace Rivera is a curvy single mom, indie author who is the only thing standing in the way of what Marcus wants. When Marcus wants something he is willing to do anything to get it, including his charms, and he bets his brothers that he can talk Grace into giving into him and selling the movie rights to one of her books.

Somewhere between charming Grace, she and her daughter Lexi, get under his skin, but before he can call the bet off, she finds out the truth.... Scheduled to release Summer 2016

Anne Carter
As a little girl I dreamt of Prince Charming, I found out there was no such thing. On a rainy night, my nightmare of a Prince found me, but not my secret and I was able to run.

But what I ran into that night might be worse.

He's far from being a fairy tale prince. Older, grouchy and sullen.

One look in his eyes and I know he wants us as far from him as possible. Yet he keeps us safe, giving us more than harbor, he gives us hope.

He might not be a Prince but he's definitely the beastly King of his domain.

John Davenport

I’m a man who has avoided emotional entanglements longer than I care to remember. I should send them packing, but I can’t.

I’m not a good man. I’m ruthless. Uncaring. Calculating. 

I’m a man with mile long list of faults and redemption is not within my reach, not in this lifetime. No where close to the man that deserves the beauty that they can bring into a man’s life.

I just can’t seem to let them go.

A rain storm might have brought them to me but I’m like a vine around them, needing a little bit of their light to thrive.

Can two frightened souls heal and find courage to love again and become a family? Or are the ghosts of the past stronger than they can manage? 

Will the growly king and beautiful damsel in distress get their own modern day happy ending? 

Little girl’s might dream of Prince Charming

but a woman deserves a KING that stands behind his QUEEN.

Buy Book Now on Amazon:
US: http://amzn.to/1Y5FGv3


Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★
As I read this book, one thing really stood out and that was the story itself. Mayra Statham has produced a memorable love story in her latest release, Davenport Harbor.   I loved the way it started and also the technique she used to build the complex relationship between Anne and John. Switching back and forth between their POV was a fantastic way to let the reader inside the thought processes and feelings of each character. The interaction between the two main characters is perfect and it explains so many things that happen to them in this book as they move toward their HEA!

John is the ultimate alpha male that knows how to control his environment and those around him. He grows as the story progresses into more, as he becomes a loving, caring friend and lover! The past haunts him and he is trapped inside his memories of another time!  When he intervenes and rescues a stranded motorist, little does he know that it is his new beginning? A woman also haunted by her past and an innocent child drive away his nightmares and bring light to his life.

Her dreams were filled with happily ever after, not running from a horrific beast that threatened to destroy her if he found her.  Anne had managed to escape from her abusive boyfriend and stay hidden, until he found her again.  When her car broke down on the side of the road, things looked desolate!  Then a beautiful man stopped and would not take no for an answer when she refused his help.  He may seem like an unlikely knight in shining armor, but maybe he was just what she needed. 

Two scared souls that need each other to find healing meet and begin their journey together. As in anything worth having it is not an easy path that they take together.  Obstacles will be thrown at them and not just from others, but also from each other.  Will Anne and John find their way?  Read this beautifully written story and find out!


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