Friday, September 25, 2015

Review of Thorn's Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors #2) by Mardi Maxwell

Reporter Daria Zane stumbles across a situation that could get her killed while investigating a story about hundreds of missing women. Pursued by the men and the aliens who've been abducting the women and releasing a new drug, ZL3, onto the streets of Earth there's only one place she can hide—Zarronia. If she can make it to Ambassador Eirikson she just might have a chance to survive. 

Thorn Valanson has spent several months on Earth handling warrior business for his father. He's also managed to avoid the free-spirited Earth females as bonding with one of them is the last thing on his mind. In fact, his personal history has given him a distrust of females and a hatred of spies, especially female spies. When he captures Daria on his starship he knows there's only one reason she's there—to spy on his people and discover their most closely guarded secrets. 

Daria can't risk her life by telling Thorn the truth as she can't be sure he's not part of the corruption. Thorn knows she's lying and that raises his suspicions. What happens when a warrior with a mating fever meets a female he lusts after but can't trust? It's a long journey to Zarronia. 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Among the stars they fought a battle for dominance, equality and love and found something more than they expected a bond so intense it fused their souls together forever. In the second book of the Zarronian Warriors series by author extraordinaire Mardi Maxwell, we are transported into the future. In Thorn's Bondmate Daria, a journalist from Earth and Thorn, a fierce guardian of the galaxy collide. As the story unfolds we are captured by the intensity of their journey to a happily ever after ending. Daria Zane is an accomplished reporter. She is caught up in a web of deceit and crime when she is contacted by one of her sources about missing women from Earth being sold into slavery. Daria knows the only person that she can trust is Ambassador Valan and she must somehow reach him with the information she has gathered. With that in mind she comes up with a plan on how to reach him on his home world. What she had not planned on was meeting Thorn! Since Thorn's mate betrayed his trust, he doesn't allow anyone close enough to know him. He is suspicious of all females. He left his home when his twin sons were born and returns only when he must. He is the Commander of the Invisible, so when it is brought to his attention that there is a spy onboard his ship, he will stop at nothing to find the perpetrator and bring them to justice. When he captures Daria, he knows instantly that his life has been changed, but he still continues to fight to keep her at a distance. I absolutely enjoyed every page of this science fiction romance. The author's imagination came alive with the detailed descriptions in the scenes she created. Her characters were multi-dimensional and continued to grow as the storyline progressed. I laughed at Eirik and Borg's humor and their continuous pranks on the oblivious warriors. Giggled at the precious twin boys, Dev and Dane, which helps soften the tough exterior of the warriors and bridged a gap between the hero and heroine. The love shared by Lia and Valan (the couple from book one) for their family, friends, and each other leaves the reader content and happy. Daria's tattoo is foreshadowing of things to come and stands out as a prophetic symbol. There was so much more to this novel. The underlying emotion was love. Love for family, friends, and the galaxy where they live. Perfect addition to my growing library and I highly recommend you read this book.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of Thorn's book. I fell in love with him and Daria when I was telling their story and I'm so pleased that you did as well. Mardi