Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review of Saving Leah by Misha Elliott

Sometimes the only thing worse than revealing a painful secret is keeping it from the one who wants to save you. 

In time, fractured bones mend and torn flesh heals. But what about a fractured soul? Years of abuse have left Leah scared and broken, in solitude with the only symbol of the person she used to be-her violin. 

While in hiding, she never expected to meet the handsome and alluring Asher. Can he save her before all is lost or will her secrets become the death of her? 

*WARNING* This book contains adult material including violence and sexual content intended for readers over the age of 18.

**Previously self-published as Fearless**

Overall Rating: 4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★

Life can be cruel at times.  You can do everything right, be a talented and beloved artist, but still end up on the short end of the stick, or sometimes on the abusive end of a fist.  In Misha Elliott's newest book, Saving Leah, she delves into the horrific world of domestic violence, while interlinking a love story so beautiful that it will leave you breathless.  The author creates characters that touch you as if he or she could be your best friend, someone that you know and love.  The design of the characters and the plot is elegantly crafted with agony as well as heartfelt hope.

Leah Campbell is a prodigy on the violin.  Since she was a small child she captured her audiences and the hearts of everyone that heard her play.  After the death of her parents when she was still a young adolescence, her life became something she didn't recognize. A secret so dark and haunting plagued her into adulthood and her music was adversely affected.  Now she is trying to pick up the pieces, trying to move on with her life and heal the best way she can as a victim of violent abuse.  Not trusting anyone and becoming somewhat of a hermit, Leah is thrust together with a most unlikely companion.  A man who just might be able to push beyond all of her defenses and become a balm to Leah's shattered soul.

Asher Sky is an entrepreneur of sorts.  Asher knows loss, devastating, heart wrenching loss.  But life must go on, so he molds himself and makes a decent living modeling.  However, he feels his life is missing something, someone.  When he meets a beautiful girl, Leah Campbell, in a tragic incident, things become clear to him.  He begins to yearn for something special, only his.  Asher knows that something is off with Leah, she is broken and he wants to help her mend.

This is truly a beautiful yet a difficult story at times to read.  The fact that the author was able to probe into the cruel savagery of abuse while giving us an unforgettable story that fills hearts with such passion and grace is beyond astounding.  This is definitely a must read, but just make sure you have plenty of Kleenexes available!  Fearlessly executed, Misha!

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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