Friday, February 26, 2016

Now Live: Corrupted by Alexis Noelle @_alexisnoelle_

Hot New MC Read! Standalone!
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Alexis Noelle has written an amazing novel with the right balance of suspense, grit, and emotion to keep you turning the pages. In the end, is being Corrupted so bad after all? Read for yourself and find out – Chelsea Camaron, Author

Alexis Noelle has written a brutal and beautifully raw no holds bar MC book. - Glenna Maynard, Author

Alexis Noelle's Corrupted stole my heart, twisted it inside out, cut it wide open and then ripped it to shreds before putting it back together. There were so many emotions that they're impossible to describe. Kudos to her for a wonderful book.- JA Hensley, Author

"Corrupted is Alexis’s best work yet to come. She dug deep into the nitty gritty, making my heart bleed for the main character and all she’d been through. Corrupted is a must read if you want raw and real love." - Brooke Page, Author

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