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~Review: Broken Pieces (The Riverdale Series Book Two) by Janine Infante Bosco~

Nick Foti left Riverdale New York, seven years ago, leaving his dreams and the only family he ever knew behind. Most of all he left the one girl that managed to completely unravel him. Samantha Lanza was his best friends little sister. She wasn't meant to be his, she was his to protect like a sister. 

When he finally decided he couldn't fight his attraction to her, events unfold that force him to leave her and the only life he has ever wanted behind. Forced to work for his father in Seattle, Nick is miserable. He spends most his time in the boardroom playing the corporate mogul. The rest of the time he loses himself in a bottle and random woman that will never compare to the one he left behind. 

One day Nick hits rock bottom and decides he’s had enough, he hangs up his suit and tie and sets out to reclaim the life he was meant to have. He heads back to Riverdale just when the family he has always loved as his own needs him the most. Everyone welcomes Nick with open arms, except Sam. She wants nothing to do with him. Can he convince her he’s a changed man who wants nothing more than to have her in his arms forever? Or has is the betrayal she feels too great to forgive.

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★

This is a book about lost dreams, found dreams and how sometimes happily ever after is hard to find.  Nick and Sam’s story is the main focus of Broken Pieces but Cara and Jake’s story continues in this second book of the series. Luke plays a very important role as the story unfolds.  When Nick returns home after six years he knows that it will be hard to convince Sam that he would not be leaving again and that he wants a chance to be with her.  He is not expecting the cold wall of hate that she has surrounded her heart with that refuses to even listen to him.  What happened to make her hate him so much?  Samantha had felt something for him before he was forced to leave Riverdale.  Why won’t she even give him the time of day?  Sam is having drinks with two of her fellow teachers when Nick arrives and they end up doing shots of Tequila.  The next thing she knows she is waking up in his bed the next morning without any memories of the night before!
Samantha had promised herself that she would never lower her shields again and let Nick into her heart.  He had left six years ago without any explanation and now that he was back he wanted to take up where they left off.  Not happening when there was more to the story than just his leaving without a word.  Only her brother Luke knew that after graduation Sam had gone to see Nick and had come back with a broken heart.  What did Sam find when she went to see him?  Nick does not know that she had tried to see him at his office and she swore he never would.  The attraction is still just as strong between them but she cannot forget what she saw in Seattle.  It really is hard for Sam to keep him at arm’s length when he is partners with her brother Luke and helping her brother Jake as he battles for his life.  Luke is a fixer and wants to solve everyone’s problems and has given Nick his approval to go for a relationship with Sam.  But even Luke does not know the real reason that Nick had to leave all those years ago, only Jake knows part of what happened.  Nick had taken the blame for a beating that Jake gave Cara’s father and was arrested. Nick would do anything for Jake and his family.  They loved him and accepted him as a member of their family.  Jake was a brother to Nick.   Nick was released from jail, the charges done away with all because he promised his mother that he would leave and go to his father.  But Nick was back now and there were questions being asked that he would have to answer. 
Sam and Luke are both hoping that they will be able to help their brother Jake get well.  Their entire family has rallied around Jake and Cara to support them unconditionally. Nick has been a strong shoulder for Jake and his family to lean on.   Luke’s test show that he is a perfect match, Jake and the family is sure that their prayers have been answered.  Sam finally decides that it would ok to just have sex with the man that she has always wanted and keep it physical only.  No dating, no talking just sex only!  Of course she does not take in to account how Nick will react.  Nick is a man of action and he is not going to let Sam get away with no interaction other than sex so he goes after her and doesn’t give her a chance to change her mind.  Can Nick convince Sam that the past is behind them and the future is before them?  Will Jake and Cara make it through this hard time and have their happily ever after?  Can Luke accept that he cannot always fix everything?
Hero –Jake Lanza: 5 stars
Hero-Nick Foti: 4.5 stars
Hero-Luke Lanza: 5 stars
Heroine –Cara Sloane: 5 stars
Heroine-Samantha Lanza: 4.5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes! When you can feel the love, joy, pain and loss of the characters an author creates you know that you’ve read a truly unique book.  This book has so many different story lines that all converge to make you the reader need to read the next page.  Submerge yourself in this beautifully written story of the journey that the characters take to find what is most important. 

Would I read other books by this author: Yes!  When an author can touch the reader so deeply that they feel the joy, love and sadness of each character in a book, that author has a true gift.  Ms. Bosco has that gift!  I cannot wait to read the next book in The Riverdale Series.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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