Monday, August 25, 2014

~Cover Reveal: Crown's Chance at Love by Mayra Statham~

Sabrina Miller lives in darkness. Having lost the love of her life just three years ago in a tragic accident, she is content to live her life in muted grey, never growing feelings for anyone besides her children.
Michael Crown is solely known as a cold and shrewd businessman. He has a temper and a deep seated guilt leaves him constantly wrestling with his own demons.

 A chance encounter between Sabrina and Michael sparks an undeniable attraction and a magnetic pull that could change them both forever. Michael has a chance to completely let his guard down and let love in. But Sabrina can feel he is keeping something from her and her emotional walls threaten to rebuild as the shock of his secret looms.

When light is shed on the truth, will she forgive him? Will he finally be free of the guilt that has imprisoned him for so long? Will love be enough to pull them both from darkness?

*** This is the first of the Six Degrees Series. Each book will be a standalone. HEA. Due to sexual content recommended for 18 years and older.***

Release Date: September 16, 2014

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