Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~Review: Touch of Frost (Magic, New Mexico #1) by S.E. Smith~

Lacey Adams lives in the small town of Magic, New Mexico, where she devotes herself to the animals at her Touch of Magic Animal Shelter. The strange assortment of animals helps heal the pain and loneliness inside her since the death of her husband three years before. 

Frost is a Star Ranger. He travels the star systems, bringing intergalactic fugitives to justice. When a maximum-security fugitive escapes from the mining prison, he is sent after him. Only this time, the fugitive has violated a major law… he has traveled to a distant forbidden planet inhabited by a race that has not mastered space travel yet. 

Now, he is in a race to find the fugitive before those on the planet known as Earth discover there are not one, but two aliens on their world. Things become complicated when Frost discovers his heart is not as frozen as he thought when a young human female is taken hostage by the fugitive. What he doesn’t anticipate is her unexpected resistance – both to the fugitive and to him. 

Frost is forced to make a decision that is guaranteed to put him on the most wanted list when he follows his heart and kidnaps Lacey. He knows that some things are worth the risk. What he doesn’t know is that Lacey has a few secrets of her own. 

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★

Star Ranger Frost has been sent to Earth to recapture an extremely dangerous escaped criminal.  Earth is considered a primitive planet and knowledge of life on outside their world is forbidden.  Frost does not agree with the directive that he is given to wipe any memories of primitives that he comes in contact with and eliminate any that he needs to.  He lands on Earth at the same location that the criminal he is hunting has crashed.  This fugitive leaves a bloody trail wherever he goes, killing and eating whatever he encounters.  Frost knows that he must move quickly to secure his target and return home.  He is not expecting to see the one person that will change everything he has been ordered to do, his soul mate.

Lacey Adams is a powerful witch that lives in Magic, New Mexico with her family and other paranormal beings.  It is a safe haven for those that are different from Earth’s normal inhabitants.  She runs a shelter for abandoned and abused animals. On her morning rounds to care for the animals in her care, she feels a shift in the air that tells her danger is close.  What she sees tells her that life is about to change in Magic, an alien!  To begin with Lacey thinks that her twin nephews have turned their pet lizard Larry into something else, but soon that idea is proven not true. When another alien appears, Lacey decides she has had enough and turns one into a five inch model and the other into a rabbit. 

When Frost recovers in jail he knows that he must get back to Lacey and protect his soul mate. He will break the code that he has sworn to uphold and take his soul mate with him when he leaves Earth.  The question continues to run through his mind what exactly are Lacey and the inhabitants of this strange town?  Will Lacey and Frost find a way to overcome their differences?  Can Frost protect Lacey from his own people?  This is a must read book that will make you laugh, cry and just feel good reading it!

Hero –Star Ranger Frost: 5 stars
Heroine –Lacey Adams: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This book has it all; a town on Earth where only paranormal beings live, a Star Ranger from space and of course a really bad villain that turns out to be a woman. Add in a love story that has sex, lust and a struggle against what is accepted by those in charge. Loved this new series!

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! S.E. Smith once again creates a new and exciting world for the enthusiastic Sci-Fi, Paranormal reader. She is a must read author!

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***


  1. Jessica Hale (Parsons)August 26, 2014 at 6:50 PM

    yes this was another great book by her and she is a must read author for me :)

    1. I <3 SE Smith. Read all her books & this is a great beginning to a new series.