Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~Q&A with Jamie Begley~

Q&A with Jamie Begley
Author of New Release, CASH’S FIGHT

~Jamie, thanks for taking the time to chat about your New Release in the Last Riders Series, CASH’S FIGHT.  Cash…Yum…Had you originally planned to have Cash as a hero, or did he grow on you as the Last Riders Series progressed? 
I always planned to give Cash his own book. Razer, Viper, Shade, and Cash were the only four I had originally planned to write about.

~Cash is a Naughty Boy…How much fun was it to write his book?  Did he put up a “Fight”? 
Cash overall was the hardest to write about because he was as bad as Razer. He actually fought finding love harder than Razer. Cash is a love ‘em, leave ‘em kind of guy and old habits are hard to break.

~Are you finding it difficult to come up with Fresh Ideas for the series, or do the storylines, and plots just come to you as you are writing? 
No, the problem is I have too many ideas. Each story takes on a life of its own leading to new idea’s and stories. Several of my plots come to me while I’m writing one book that will affect books further down the series.

~How many books do you have planned for the Last Riders Series? 
I will be doing Lucky’s, Train’s, then Rider’s book will be the last. I’m also planning a special surprise around Christmas time if I can get it done in time.

~What are you currently working on? 
I’m currently working on the first Predator’s book. It will be Ice’s and I’m very excited about the plot. I think my fans will love it.
~I know I always ask who your favorite “Hero” is, but I want to know, which of the female characters has been the most fun to write? 
Sex Piston. Her story came to me while I was writing it. She broke my heart, while making me laugh. Stud didn’t stand a chance against her.

~Thank you so much for chatting today!! 
Thank You!

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