Friday, August 29, 2014

~Review: Wray (Tornians #2) by M.K. Eidem~

Emperor Wray Vasteri is the ruler of the Tornian Empire, his House has ruled the Empire ever since the great infection struck over five hundred years ago and he fears he will be the last. The number of compatible females is dwindling faster than anyone knows and if compatible females aren’t found soon their entire civilization will cease to exist. It’s the reason he agreed to meet with Liron the Emperor of the Kaliszian Empire in Kaliszian space. The only reason they crossed paths with a Ganglian ship leaving Tornian space. The only reason the small female was discovered. Could she be what they’ve been searching for?

Kim Teel has had a hard life, at least she thought she had until her parents were suddenly killed and her sister disappears. At nineteen she realizes she’s been protected from all of life’s hardships, been taken care of her entire life, expecting and accepting it, she’d been terribly spoiled. Determined to change her ways, Kim goes looking for her sister only to be captured by the Ganglians and it is then that she learns what happens to the ‘unprotected’ females of the universe.

Wray finds himself drawn to the small female he finds beaten and abused on the Ganglian ship. She resembles a Tornian female but is much smaller. Could she be what he’s been searching for? Wray and Kim are both doing the same thing, trying to survive. But what they find is that there are more important things then just survival. And once they learn that the universe changes forever.

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Kim Teel has always been well cared for, first by loving parents and then by her married sister.  After her parents deaths, she went to live with her older sister and her husband.  Kim realizes when it is too late that she has taken the love and care that her family provided for granted.  The very night that she goes to make peace with her sister, to apologize for her selfishness she finds that her sister and eleven others have disappeared.  One thing that no one will ever accuse Kim of is giving up!  She hikes to the spot where her sister was last located and Kim finds herself kidnapped by aliens.  Not kind, caring, benevolent creatures but cruel, sadistic beings that almost kill her and live off the pain of others.  Enters Warrior or in Kim’s muddled pain filled mind (her pet dog) that’s what she thinks when she hears a loud growl. 

Emperor Wray Vasteri hates the Ganglians and their cruelty towards weaker, smaller races.  While on his way back from meeting with the ruler of the Ratak Empire, his ship intercepts a Ganglian freighter as it is leaving Tornian space.  Wray was not prepared for the abused, bruised and battered small female that he found hidden and almost dead. From the moment he held her, Wray knew that there was some special connection between him and the woman.  His first and only thought after killing the captain is to protect this small being with everything that he is. While making the trip from the freighter to his ship, the shuttle is attacked and he barely lands the craft.  He is able to find shelter in a cave before a storm hits and he is trapped with the abused woman he rescued.  No one will be able to get to them until it abates. 

As Wray cares for Kim they both realize that this is a forever relationship that is building between them.  Will the two be able to overcome the prejudices they will face?  Can Kim heal from her attack by the Ganglian and accept Wray?  As I read this story, I became so involved with the characters and their lives that I couldn’t put it down until it was finished!  That is the sign of an exceptional book and an extraordinary talented author!  

Hero –Wray: 5 stars
Heroine –Kim Teel: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is a Sci-Fi Romance at its best! You have humans being abducted from Earth by aliens, damsel in distress rescued by an alien in shining armor, love between two different species and of course super evil alien villains!

Would I recommend books by this author: Yes! This is the first book by this author that I have had the pleasure of reading and it will not be the last!  She is a phenomenal writer that makes it really difficult to wait for her next release.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***


  1. Alright, was waiting for a review to see if I should get the book. Thanks!

    1. It is AMAZING! You won't be disappointed :)