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~Release Day Blitz & Review: You Loved Me at My Darkest by Evie Harper~

Title: You Loved Me At My Darkest

Series: You Loved Me #1
Author: Evie Harper
Release Date:  August 28, 2014


Ripped from Heaven, Burned in Hell.
Caught and caged in beauty.
Beauty comes at a cost.
One man holds the key to our survival, to our freedom.
Find out how I lived and lost the greatest thing on earth.

I didn't see her coming and that will be my downfall.
She will ruin me, take everything from me, and give me everything I can't have.
I can't help her. I won't.
She is innocence. She is strength.
She is my piece of heaven in hell.
I’m not letting her go.

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Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

“Never say never”
Evie Harper’s debut novel, You Loved Me at My Darkest is a fascinating yet horrific journey of two sisters thrown into the unthinkable, demoralizing world of human trafficking.  It was brilliantly written, with a thread of violence and romance that is necessary to the plot’s development as well as the secrets held by the main characters.  In the beginning I wavered on finishing the book, because I prefer my HEA and tend to stay away from the darker romances.  I’m glad I continued and "never gave up" reading because this narrative was extremely different from anything I have ever read before.  Your emotions will scatter like leaves in a whirlwind as you read the events the sisters endure.  Caution people grab yourself a box of tissues because you will need them and you will cry!

Lily is a beautiful, head-strong heroine taken away from the life she has always known.  She struggles daily to survive and only does so because of the love she feels for her sister, Sasha.  Both have been kidnapped off the streets of New York City and whisked away to hell on earth with no chance of escaping. There is no one to miss them or to come rescue them.

Jake is an enigma from the beginning.  He is enthralled by the innocent, beautiful Lily when he spots her at the airport and follows her around the city for two weeks watching her.  He is Marco’s right hand man and will do nothing to jeopardize that position, not for anyone, even Lily.  He is detached from his feelings due to the tragedies he experienced in his past, this makes Jake the perfect soldier to work for Marco.

Lily and Sasha learn quickly what their new role in their life with Marco will be and it becomes increasingly harder each day.  Their love for each other is the only thing that matters to them and keeps them going.  They will protect each other at all costs. 

Jake and Lily are physically drawn to each other.  Lily feels protected in his arms and Jake wants her as his own.  They are trapped in Marco's web.  I continually pondered what was Jake hiding and were his feelings real? Will Lily and Sasha escape? Is there a future for Jake and Lily together? 

This is not your typical romance.  It is dark.  It is violent.  There are many times you will want to hit, punch, throw or gut someone, but that is what makes this book an awesome, unbelievable read.  This book is about surviving the unthinkable and the determination to succeed without ever giving up the belief that they will escape. It is about love conquering all and never giving up.

Hero: 4 stars
Heroine: 5 stars
Steam Level: 4 stars
Plot: 5 stars

Would I recommend this book: Yes.  The author’s focal point isn’t the sick and depraved world of human trafficking or slavery, its sisterly love and the lengths one will go to protect that bond.

Would I recommend this author: Yes.  This is her debut novel and she is more than on my radar now.  She has written an extraordinary story.  I look forward to her next book. 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

Author Bio

Evie Harper is an
Aussie girl who has always been in love with reading. She decided to try her
hand at writing and found it addictive and inspirational.

You Loved Me At My
Darkest is Evie's debut novel. It is a stand-alone with two companion novels to

You Loved Me At My Weakest
You Loved Me At My Ugliest

You Loved Me series are dark romance stories and are only recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

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