Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Recommendation and Review of Love Scars: Bad Boy's Bride by Nicole Snow



The worst night of my life just got worse. Nobody explained why I've been dumped in this run down house, or who this hulk with the filthy mouth is. All I know is he wants me, he says I'm his, and I'm ignoring my instinct to run like hell.

When he pulls me into his embrace, I want to push closer to his warmth, his strength, his vicious tattoos.

Can I trust him? Can I trust myself? Or will obeying his wicked words confirm all my worst suspicions?


So sweet, so pure, so confused...I almost feel bad about claiming her. Almost.

Too bad she's a Rossini, and I don't regret making her old man sign her over to me for one second. I was born a Strelkov, a killer and an outlaw, and I second guess nothing.

The instant my hands are on her, I know I've made the right choice. The crazy ache in my lips when they're not on hers doesn't lie. Revenge is a dish best served hot, sweaty, seething with passion, and Anna's tonight's special.

Yeah, she's gonna flip when I shove the wedding contract in her face. But I'm gonna make her my wife in every nasty, beautiful, permanent way I can, even if it means adding a few more scars to my skin and Anna's heart...

Overall Rating:  3.5 Rockin’ ★★★☆

Love Scars by Nicole Snow is a short erotic tale of a mafia warlord succumbing to the intense allure of his bride. The story is a roller coaster of events beginning with the kidnapping and capture of the heir to his rival, Annaliza.  She is innocent and does not understand why she has been thrust into the war between her father and David Strelkov.  Slowly but surely she peels away at him until she sees his true heart.  David is a tatted bad boy who uses his fists to talk.

Nicole Smith owns the pages with her steamy words and sexy alpha males.  This book is a welcome addition to anyone's library.

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