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Release Blitz: Reckless Abandon (Condemned Angels #3) by Heather Leigh

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Title: Reckless Abandon (Condemned Angels MC #3)

Author: Heather Leigh

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: March 14, 2015



**This is book 3 of the Condemned Angels MC Series***

When Nicole was faced with the recent turn of events, she learned of three siblings, which were all member of the Devils MC. She waged herself to her brother, Jax- the President of the Devils, in return for Jeremy and the Condemned Angels MC’s safety. Little did she realize that Jeremy claimed her has his Old Lady, and he was determined to get Nicole back.

In their rescue mission, the rivals, Devils MC, takes Jeremy and Hunter hostage. However, Hunter comes to find his past surfacing. Eva, legally still his wife, was now Jax’s Old Lady. The deep secret that Eva holds is the one thing that separated Hunter and her years ago. Her secret past could get her killed if Jax ever found out. Will Hunter use her secret to kill two birds with one stone?

Will Jeremy make it out of Idaho alive and with Nicole, or will he and his MC fall before the Devils. Fall in-love with Hunter and Eva’s story while Jeremy fights for what he loves most. Who will make it out alive?
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That redheaded bitch guided me by my cuff-bound wrists to a room down the hall with no window. She shoved me down onto the bed by my shoulder.

“Fuckin’ watch it, bitch!” I yelled up at her, while I shrugged her hand away from its current location.

“You better watch that smart ass mouth of yours, baby girl.” She firmly held onto my jaw, while her eyes scanned my face. “So, which one are you fucking?”

“Excuse me?”

“Which one are you fucking, Jeremy or the other one? Or both?” She grinned down at me.

“What’s it to you?” My chin jutted upward.

“Just curious to see if I can take one for a little joy ride, which one would you recommend?”

“Fuck you!” I spit up at her, but she jumped back in time to avoid getting hit.

Eva stepped back up to me, my head was pulled backwards and sharp pain ran over my scalp. Fuck, I’m going to be bald by the end of this shit, I swear to God.

“You. Will. Respect. Me. You. Little.Cunt.” She yanked my hair back with each word.

I was silent. Fuck you, bitch. Calling me a cunt? Ha, just you fucking wait.

“There…that’s better.” Eva released her grip on my hair. “I’ll go and make sure the boys have a proper welcoming to the Devil’s clubhouse.” Her chocolate-colored eyes sparkled with amusement. Her red-painted nails pushed a piece of hair behind my ear; she leaned down and kissed my lips. The blood rushed to my ears, adrenaline pumped through my veins. I kept completely still, watching her every move.

As Eva approached the doorway, she looked over her shoulder and called, “Maybe I’ll even let you watch.” She winked at me and left the room. I heard the sound of a deadbolt clicking into place.

I released the breath that I held in. My lungs burned. I was ready to fucking kill that bitch. I threw myself backwards onto the bed, and let out a frustrated scream.
About The Author

Heather Leigh

Heather Leigh is the author of Burning Desire and Ride Hard, the first two books in the Condemned Angels MC Series.

In recent years, she has been a complete and utter book smut. Writing for personal pleasure is how it all started for her. Taking the road down self-publishing has opened her eyes to a new world. Ruined by dark romances, Heather is living her dream to share her stories with the world.

Heather would love to hear from you. You can contact her via...

Condemned Angel's MC Series

Burning Desire (Condemned Angels MC #1)

Ride Hard (Condemned Angels MC #2)


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