Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Knaleg (Terraneu #3) by Stormy McKnight

Catherine- Given the job of investigating a shady online dating service Catherine Chambers was just happy to back in the field and useful again. Until a twist of fate lands her on a strange planet with all of the missing women she was looking for. None of whom want or need to be "found". To make matters worse she is accused of harming one of their council members. How can she prove that she is a worthy addition to their community when the one person who could corroborate her story isn't talking? 

Knaleg- As the head of security he takes the safety of his people very seriously. Working tirelessly to ensure the smooth integration of females into their previously all male society. His established routine is suddenly and violently shattered with the arrival of Catherine. She is accused of harming a council member which in itself is bad enough, but what makes it worse is that the injured party is his brother. How can he justify his attraction to a female accused of such violence? His instincts tell him she isn't dangerous, but his heart is warning him she is a serious threat to his peace of mind.

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★★
Knaleg is a Terraneau novel by Stormy McKnight and is the third book in this series.  Once again the reader is plunged into the erotic world of science fiction created by Ms. McKnight.  It is set on Terraneau a planet of perfect peace and harmony. There was only one problem, no females! The witty banter and alien alpha males are sure to please the masses. This is Knaleg and Catherine's story. 

Knaleg is known for his sheer size, fighting ability and military training. Not only is he a member of the ruling council but is also in charge of security for his people. He is a strong, loyal leader and will do anything necessary to protect those he is responsible for. Knaleg does not want a small, delicate female for a mate and yet he is drawn to Catherine even though is afraid that he will break her.  Oh, and did I mention he is gorgeous to look at! 
Catherine is from Earth where she had been assigned desk duty for the FBI and removed as a field agent.  She is petite in stature but strong not only in intellect but also in her fighting skills.  When circumstances arise and she is sent back into the field as an active undercover agent, she had no idea what she was getting into.  She was sent to gather information on the disappearance of females at a bed and breakfast in Ireland. Catherine’s life is changed in an ‘other worldy’ way and she will never be the same again.

Stormy McKnight has a vivid imagination that is brought to life in this story of alien abduction and HEA.  This is book was a relaxing fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it.  If you haven't read her series you should.

Hero: Knaleg 4 stars
Heroine: Catherine Chambers 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

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