Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Angels & Whiskey by Kimberly Knight

Whiskey, women and sleepless nights…

United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny. 

Until he fell in love…

When Gabe’s love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again.

Until he bumps into an unexpected angel…

By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be.

When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave. 

When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is, Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her. Or is it too late for him to save his angel?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Angels and Whiskey is a stand alone novel by Kimberly Knight, her newest writing addition of a collection of wonderful books.  She takes you on a journey of self-reliance, awakening, along with a beautiful love story that will touch you to your soul.  The characters are exquisitely created, with a plot that leaves you breathless.

Gabriel Hastings is a ex-army captain turned escort.  He's running away from his demons, one's that were forged in the deserts of Afghanistan.  Not ever believing that he could love again, he meets a woman that blows his mind and he can't get her out of his head.  Struggling with his past, Gabe begins to move forward by pursuing a woman, his angel, who needs rescuing.  

Autumn Summers Jones is a woman in all appearances has the perfect life.  She has the perfect husband, perfect house, perfect everything.  However, appearances can be very deceiving.  Autumn is living with a dark secret that is destroying her to the very being of her soul.  Until a chance meeting with Mr. Green Eyes, Autumn didn't think she had choices.  She needs help and Gabe is the knight in shining armor that she's been waiting for.

This is a beautiful love story of second chances and redemption.  I was immediately consumed by everything Gabe and Autumn.  Their telling captured my heart while making me feel so many emotions.  From pain to passion, this novel kept me on the edge, bringing me back to a seductively scripted ending.  Thank you Kimberly for my whisky induced coma and angel dreams!

Hero -  Gabriel "Gabe" Hastings 4.5 stars
Heroine - Autumn Summers Jones 4.5 stars
Steam Level: 4.5 stars
Plot: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes! If you want to read a book about second chances and true love, this is the book for you!  This is a beautiful story that will tug at your heart and make you sing!

Would I read other books by this author:  Yes! This author has a way of carrying you along in her stories, lifting you up while creating magnificent masterpieces.  

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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