Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coming Soon: The Rocker Who Hates Me by Terri Anne Browning

Coming July 6th: The Rocker Who Hates Me 
The Rocker...Series Book 10

From the moment I set eyes on that brown eyed, little Italian rock goddess I knew she was meant for me. But my life was too messed up to give her what she needed. So I pushed her away—right into the arms of my band’s front man—only to regret it the second I saw them together. 

The moment they were over I tried to clean up my act and chased after that girl until she was mine. 

But like always, I let my demons screw with my head and went looking for my next fix. I knew if she found out I would have to choose between the numbness that the drugs gave me, and the best thing that had ever happened to me. 

I chose wrong. 

The second that I found out Liam was in a car accident that fateful New Years Eve night, I knew I’d made the worst mistake in not trying to fight for him. For us. I never should have pushed him away, but tried to help him through his battle with addiction. When he woke up in the hospital and saw me standing beside of him, I knew that I had killed the love he had for me and all that was left was hate. 

Now, more than a year later, I knew the truth about that crazy night. I knew why he’d pushed me out of his life, and I was going to stop at nothing to get the man who owns me—heart and soul—back. 

That is if I can survive the night… 

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