Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review of Lumberman Werebear (Saw Bears #7) by T.S. Joyce

Haydan Walker is perfectly content as the only remaining bachelor in the Ashe Crew. Sure, his crew seems happy, but his bear is different and has no urge to find a mate. So when one of the Gray Backs begs him to claim his sister, Haydan’s instinct is to run as far away as he can. Cassie Belle isn’t taking no for an answer, though, and Haydan is about to find out the little sexy-as-hell, smart-mouthed hellion is toting some serious baggage. 

Cassie is no pushover. She knows what she wants, and she patiently hunts until she gets it. And right now, she wants Haydan to claim her so she’ll be under the protection of the giant, tatted-up, steely-eyed bad boy bear shifter. She’ll be the perfect mate—friends with benefits—and she’ll be sure to leave her emotions at the door. It’s a solid plan until Haydan shows her how different life could be if she’d only let someone in. 

Change is hard, and facing her past even harder, but if she can allow Haydan to help, Cassie just might find the sanctuary she’s been searching for. 

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. 
Adult only bear shifter romance.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Wanted: Mate Needed!  Matt needed Haydan's help.  He needed him to claim his sister and protect her, and he knew Haydan was the perfect match for Cassie.  Lumberman Werebear is the seventh book in the Saw Bears series and it was a blissful, entertaining read full of the backwood bear shifter antics that is quickly becoming T.S. Joyce's trademark in the paranormal romance genre.  Mattress racing with four wheelers and wine from a box are only a few of the hilarious scenes from this witty yet meaningful story.  Cassie and Haydan don't realize it at first, but this is their happily ever after and you don't want to miss reading it.

Cassie's past is filled with nightmares and dark secrets she shares with only her brother, Matt.  When her mate is killed by the Alpha of the Red Claws of South Dakota, she needs a protector and Haydan is the bear for the job.  Haydan is the only member of the Ashe Crew without a mate and he plans on staying that way until he receives a proposition and guilt trip from the most unlikely of adversaries!   His life changes on a dime when he meets Cassie and agrees to become her protector.

I know I sound like a broken record, but each story in this series gets better and better and the connectivity of the characters builds a bond with the reader.  That is an indicator of how talented and gifted this author is!  The anticipation and build up for the next book from Ms. Joyce is off the Richter scale and I cannot wait to add it to my growing library.

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