Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Q&A with Author Jamie Begley

Ok…Favorite Last Rider?  (Everyone has a favorite..cough…Knox…so you have to have one too!) 
Razer, since he was my first ;)
Any of the characters, Heroes/Heroines, give you such a hard time while writing? 
Lily was my favorite but the hardest. I truly felt her story in my heart. I just wanted to cry with her, and heal her at the same time. 
Where did the idea for “The Last Riders” come from? 
Actually, I just started writing Beth’s character and Razer showed up when I thought of a match for her. I’m not the type of writer that plans stories out, I think of a character and let their story follow. After Razer entered the story I researched motorcycle clubs and watched everything on television that had a motorcycle club. Of course my guys are better looking.
Can you tell the readers a little bit about your New Release, SHADES FALL?
 Shade had seen Lily when he first came to Treepoint and fell for her hard. Lily is a broken girl who suffers from extreme panic attacks. Shade realizes she’s to young and damaged for him so he has to wait, Shade’s Fall is about his battle to win Lily now and slay her demons from the past. What can the readers look for next in the Last Riders Series? Which Sexy Biker do we have on the chopping block next? I haven’t made my mind up yet, but I’m thinking it’s going to be Cash. Maybe Train. 
And I for one am thrilled that we will get more Biker Bitches, do you have an idea who is next? 
Evie, but Killyama won’t quit calling me. I’m thinking of changing my number.
In your latest release, TAINTED, we come to find out who Lily really was in the past, was that planned ahead of time, or did it come out while writing? 
From the moment that Lily came to me I knew where the story was going and how I would have to do it to show not only why Lily is as damaged as she is but how beautiful a person she is to overcome her hardships. The hardest part was keeping it a secret from everyone. The editors would want to close holes in the stories that needed to remain open. It was very difficult to do without frustrating the readers but also to give them the thrill of the reveal in Tainted. I wanted the readers to have that OMG moment that I wanted them to have.
Speaking of, are you a plotter or a pantser? Can you tell your readers a little bit about your writing process? 
I really don’t have a writing process, I wish sometimes I did. I begin every morning about 7 a.m. and sit down at my computer and I just let the characters lead me where they want to go. I will have scenes I want to do or plans for them and they just won’t go that way sometimes. I can plan how the stories interweave in that respect I’m more of a plotter. I think that’s why my readers can relate to the characters and become more involved in the stories, because they are trying to figure out where the stories are headed next.
Were you anticipating the success of Razers Ride?  Did you have the next few books planned, or did they come about as you gained a following?
No one is ever going to believe this but this is the truth. Several years ago I released Soul of a Man and sold maybe ten copies to family and friends. When I wrote Razer’s Ride it was mainly for my own pleasure because I loved writing. When I finished writing Razer’s Ride I gave it to my daughter to read while I began to write Viper’s story, I originally only planned to do five Last Rider books. My daughter read Razer’s Ride and loved it and wouldn’t get off my back about publishing it. She did the cover and had it proofread, she put the book up to be released on her birthday. None of us expected anyone to even notice it.  We had her birthday party and didn’t even look to see if it was selling until the next day. The first twenty copies sold, we were naming off relatives that could have bought it, when I sold over forty copies then I realized people were actually buying it. I knew nothing about Goodreads or the wonderful reviews until almost a week later when a fan tracked down my email on the web. So, no I had no idea that Razer’s Ride would change my life. 
Do you have any advice for aspiring romance writers?
The biggest piece of advice I can tell anyone is to not give up. It’s sad to say that I did. If not for my son and daughter, I wouldn’t have tried publishing again. Now, I’ve learnt if a book doesn’t sell just move on to the next… there is always a story waiting to be told and it maybe the one to bring you the success you’ve been looking for.
Where can readers find you?
You can buy my books on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.  
Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7127521.Jamie_Begley

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJamieBegley

Website: http://www.jamiebegley.net/

Email: JamieBegley@ymail.comTwitter: @Jamie_Begley

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