Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot Package (Hostile Operations Team #3) by Lynn Raye Harris

When public relations expert Olivia Reese stumbles onto evidence of a dangerous conspiracy right before Christmas, there’s only one man she can call for help. Billy “The Kid” Blake is a member of an elite military unit—the Hostile Operations Team—and he’s Olivia’s former lover.

Billy never forgot the sexy woman who rocked his world—and his bed—before she walked out on him. Now that she needs his help, he’ll do anything he can to keep her safe. But as time runs out and the snow piles up, can Billy and Olivia work together to thwart a lethal plot against the Pentagon without getting involved again?

A Hostile Operations Team novella. Spicy!
Overall Rating:   4 Rockin’ ★★★

Olivia finds herself in an unbelievable situation; she thinks her company is selling a defective weapons system to the Federal Government.  This weapons system was supposed to protect men that fought every day for this country.  If what she had been sent by the head of development, Alan Cooper, nothing her company had told Congress was true.  She was in big trouble and had to get the information to someone that could put a stop to the sale of defective equipment to the government.  She had to get to Billy, he would know what to do with the information that she had.  Billy is a member of an elite military unit-the Hostile Operations Team.
The time she’d spent with Billy hadn’t been long in the scheme of things, but she’d learned a thing or two from him.  And one of those seemed to be a healthy paranoia about people’s motives and capabilities.  
Billy finds Olivia on the side of the road in the middle of a snowstorm.  He was on his way home, the last person he expected to see was Olivia.  Her car was in a ditch and she was walking, without shoes on the side of the road. 
“Olivia?”  His voice was cold and distant.  And filled with shock.  “Hey, B-billy,” she said between chatters. “I w-was just c-coming to s-see you.”
Billy takes Olivia to his home where she tells him about the information that she had received.  She explains that there were files sent to her that she should not have seen and that she needed his help.  Olivia explains that she works for Titan Technology and they created a weapons guidance system for the Army.  Billy has heard of Titan and how this new system is supposed to help protect a lot of soldiers. 
“That’s the thing,” she said now, looking into the eyes of the only man she’d ever loved.  “If what I saw is real, it won’t help anyone.  It’s a lie, Billy.  Nothing but a lie.” His jaw tightened.  “You better tell me everything.”
Billy knows that Olivia is in real danger and he goes into protective mode.  He tries to go into the server at Titan to confirm the information on that Olivia has received, but is unable to get anything.  Billy and Olivia must go back into the building to collect the information needed to prove or disprove what Alan Cooper sent her.  They need to talk with Alan to confirm his findings, but can find no trace of him anywhere. 
“…Where is Alan Cooper right now, Liv?”  She blinked.  “He went on vacation a couple of days ago.  To St. Thomas.” “St. Thomas.”  Billy didn’t believe it for a minute.  “Who told you that?”  She hesitated for a long moment.  Her voice, when she spoke, was a whisper.  “Tom Howard.”  She bit her lip.  “Oh God, Titan will be ruined if this goes public.”
Billy tells Olivia that he had planned on getting out of the service to stay with you, but you ran. 
“It was more than sex, Liv, and you know it.  We had something special, but you threw it away.  And for what?  Do you even know?”
The bad guys are closing in and Olivia needs to know if Billy still wants her in his life. Will they find the information that they need to keep Titan from selling a defective program to the government? Can they forget the past and make a new future together? 
“I’ve missed you, Billy,” she said, he throat thick with emotion.  “So much.”
Hero –Billy “The Kid” Blake: 4 stars
Heroine –Olivia Reese: 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! Super Soldiers mixed with bad guys that would attack democracy then add in some high tech spying and you have this above average book.   Also added is some good old fashion boy loves girl with hot sex that makes this a fantastic reading experience.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! This is a great author that I really enjoy reading her books.  Cannot wait to enjoy another book!

***Received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

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