Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team #1) by Lynn Raye Harris

The last man she ever wanted to see...

Evie Baker’s luck just ran out. Thanks to an ex-partner with organized crime ties, she’s lost her restaurant, her money, and nearly all her self-respect. Forced to return to her hometown and work as a shampoo girl in her mother’s salon, she doesn’t think her luck can get any worse.

But then someone starts shooting at her, her sullen baby sister is suddenly missing, and the high school heartthrob who stole her heart—and her virginity—is the only man big enough and bad enough to help.

Might be the only one who can save her...

Captain Matt "Richie Rich" Girard can’t afford to get involved. He’s already on the verge of a court-martial after a Top Secret op gone wrong, and he’s been ordered to stay out of trouble while he’s home for his sister’s wedding.

But when Evie’s ex-partner turns up dead, staying out of trouble is the last thing on Matt’s mind. He failed Evie once before; he can’t fail her again. If he’s going to protect her from a killer, and find her sister before time runs out, he’ll have to risk his entire future—and both their lives—to do it.

Things are about to get HOT in the bayou!

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★

Captain Matthew Girard is a member of an elite military team, Hostile Operation Team.  He and his team have been sent to retrieve ibn-Rashad, even though the intel had come from a reliable source, something was wrong.  He should have listened to his gut and pulled out but once again the intel had been verified by the CIA and so his team pushed forward.  It was an ambush.
They hadn’t gone a mile when bullets blasted into the air beside them.  A hot, stinging sensation bloomed in Matt’s side.  He kept running anyway.  Until they crested the dune they’d been traveling up and came face-to-face with a series of rocket-propelled grenade launchers pointed right at them.
Evie had been in love with Matt from the first time she had meet him as a child.  He had been her best friend until the night she had given him her virginity and everything had changed for both of them.  Matt had gone away to college and she had been left to live down the shame of her one night stand with him.  Now ten years later Matt has returned to their hometown as a Hero. Evie has also returned feeling like a failure when her dream of owning her own restaurant was put to an end.   
A month ago, she’d said goodbye to her dream.  It still hurt.  Her lovely little bistro in Florida was now in the bank’s hands, and all because she’d trusted a man.  Or mostly because she’d trusted a man.
When Matt stops by Evie’s mother’s beauty shop to get a trim sparks start flying between the two of them.  He knows that he had acted like an ass before he left for college but he still wanted to let her know that he was sorry.  For the first time since his team had been captured he had felt grounded, thanks to Evie’s presence.  The attraction is still strong between the two of them but once again the timing is off.  He had no idea what his future might hold.
Soon, he’d find out his fate.  Next week, when he left Rochambeau, he had to attend a hearing on what had gone wrong out there in the desert.  He would take responsibility for what had happened to his team, and he might never go on another operation again.  His days in HOT very well could be over.
Evie did not know that her partner in the restaurant had been laundering money for the mob, and not just any mobster but Ryan Rivera. The only thing that had kept David alive was the files he had hidden about Rivera’s business and now they were gone.  David had an ace in the hole; he had placed a duplicate copy in Evie’s possessions, without her knowledge. It was time for David to collect his safety net, the mob had sent hit men for him and he needed to get out fast.
David just had to go and sweet-talk Evie one more time.  A much more difficult task this time around, not only because she was pissed at him but also because Brianna Sweeney was on his ass…He would get those files back again.
Evie goes to the lake with her cousin and Matt is there.  He wants her to forgive him for what happened between them. She lets him know that they were both children then and now they are adults.  Matt asks her to dance and she didn’t know why she wanted to comfort him like she had the day his mother was buried.
“One dance, Evangeline,” he said softly when she hesitated.  “Make a soldier’s night.  I just got back from the desert a few days ago.  I’d like to dance with pretty woman and forget about that hellhole for a while.”
Things really start to heat up when one there former classmates starts shooting a gun toward them and Matt goes into GI Joe mode.  He rescues Evie and takes her to his house to clean up before she goes home.  While there they both fight the enormous attraction that keeps pulling them together Matt’s sister comes with the information that Evie’s little sister is missing.  This is the beginning of their fight to save Evie’s sister and not lose their lives while they fight to rescue her.
“Maybe you better listen anyway.”  David’s voice shifted, becoming low and menacing.  “If you want to live, that is.”…David swore.  “Yeah, yeah, I get it.  You hate me.  But listen, damn it, I’m not kidding. I need your help or we’re both dead.  And maybe your mother and sister too.  How about them, huh?”
Matt will have to use all of his special operative skills to save Evie and her sister.  As they work together will they find what they had lost ten years ago?  Will they survive the pursuit of the bad guys in the bayou or become gator bait?

Hero –Matt Girard: 4 stars
Heroine –Evie Baker: 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! I love the way this book brings two souls together in a happily ever after adventure. Even though you don’t know if they will survive the drug lord’s hit men, it shows how the tenacity of true love won’t give up.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! This author writes great books about our armed services and the women that that supports them.

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