Thursday, May 15, 2014

Magic Unfolds by N.L. Greene

For the first time in her life, Becky had hopes of fulfilling her own dreams when Blaine Winters inexplicably arrived into her quiet life, teasing her with astounding possibilities she never thought imaginable. Not only did he reveal that magic was indeed real, but he also stirred feelings in her that she had only read about in clich├ęd romance novels. But just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone. Then Becky’s life was turned upside down by a family emergency. With the overwhelming demands of running an elite law firm as well as her ex becoming more of a threat each day, she didn’t have time for whimsical thoughts or personal exploration anyway.

Now that Blaine has mysteriously disappeared from her life, she can put her family first and focus on what she needs to do. If only it were that easy. Blaine may be gone and all of Becky’s little girl dreams of a world filled with magic with him, but that doesn’t mean all’s forgotten. Nightmares are plaguing her, someone is watching her, and there are powers within her that she can’t seem to control.

Will Becky finally get her chance at magic after all, even if she doesn’t want it?

Overall Rating:  3.5 Rockin’ ★★★☆

Becky has been intrigued by the world of magic since as a child she viewed her first magic show.  As a young woman she constantly went to magic shows so that she could figure out how it worked.  She meets a mysterious man that tells her that magic is real and that she has real magic in her.  Her introduction to the world of magic is interrupted by her father’s sudden illness.  She must put aside her own desires of a life involved in magic to take care of her family’s business. 

She was given a small taste of what could’ve been.  A glimpse at a world she yearned in her heart to belong to; a world full of mystery, excitement and enchantment.  His world…..Blaine’s world.

Filled with determination she tells her father that she will run the business while he recovers and then after he retires. Becky had never dreamed of being a lawyer, but to take care of her family she will do what is necessary.  The only problem is her cheating ex that will not accept her refusal to take him back and he works for her family business.  Then the nightmares started!

Over the course of the last month her dreams – or more accurately named nightmares – had grown increasingly disturbing and more frequent.  She was to the point that she was having them every other night now.

Becky agrees to attend a charity ball to represent her family’s business since her mother and father cannot.  The only problem is that her mother interferes and asks Becky’s ex to take her.  He becomes abusive and sexually aggressive toward her. Becky is rescued by a detective that she met when identifying a thief at the police station. He takes her home and helps her to file charges against her ex. 

She told them about Lance’s pleas that turned into aggravation and later aggression.  As must as she wanted to, she didn’t leave out anything.  By the time she got to the parts of Lance actually touching her and harming her, her father was up pacing the floor.

Her father and mother support her and Lance is fired from his position in the law firm that Becky’s family owns.  He threatens her and lets her know that he will not go easily.  Her parents tell her that she needs to make her dreams come true not theirs.

“…You can’t put your hopes and dreams aside for others and you certainly can’t wait for them to make yours come true.  You need to take control, stop being afraid of what might not happen, and you need to make yourdreams come true.”

Where is Blaine?  Becky needs him, but is like he has disappeared off the face of the earth. Can she find him or will she be forced to follow another path without Blaine?

I’m looking for Blaine Winters.  Is there someone that can put me in contact with him?  It’s extremely important.

Hero –Blaine Winters:  3 stars
Heroine –Katherine Rebecca Wellington: 3.5 stars
Steam: 3 stars 
Plot: 3.5 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes! 

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This book gives the reader a different look at the world of magic. It is about the real magic that is in the world around us and the few that can absorb and use it.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I really want to know what happens to the two main characters and the world of magic that they are involved in.

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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