Sunday, November 16, 2014

Facebook Takeovers November 17-20

Join us when Ella Sheridan Author takes over Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews on Monday, November 17th at 7:00 PM CDT.

❤❤❤ Facts About Ella ❤❤❤

Ella Sheridan grew up in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as the Deep South. Books provided her with adventures, friends, and her first forays into romance. To this day she explores the world through the words of her favorite authors, whether that's the worlds across space and time or the worlds of love and passion. When she's not writing or working or reading, she is corralling her two active teenagers, snuggling on the couch with her husband, working out her stress in a martial arts class, or sleeping. But no matter what she's doing, the voices in her head just won't let her go.

Join us when Lauryn Michaels - Author takes over Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews on Tuesday, November 18th at 5:00 PM CDT.

❤❤❤ Facts about Lauryn ❤❤❤
Lauryn Michaels is the author of contemporary romance novels edged with mystery and suspense. Her debut novel, "BOUND TO THE PAST," is the first book in the Starville Series.

Reading has always been an essential part of Lauryn's life, and she's been an avid reader of romance since the age of thirteen, when she began sneaking her mother's novels. She started writing her first stories that same year ― and can now confess that many of them were written in class and even during homework time!

Lauryn currently lives in Italy with her husband, their five-year-old son, and their two canine babies. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys traveling, cooking, playing the piano, and spending lazy evenings watching movies with her family.

Lauryn loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to drop her an e-mail or contact her via Facebook or Twitter!

Join us when Author Diana Nixon takes over Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews on Wednesday, November 19th at 1:00 PM CDT.

❤❤❤ Facts about Diana ❤❤❤
Diana Nixon is a Best Selling author of fantasy and contemporary romances. She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she currently lives. In 2008 she graduated from Belorussian state University. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.

Join us when Author Stormy McKnight takes over Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews on Thursday, November 20th at 7:00 PM CDT.

❤❤❤ Facts About Stormy ❤❤❤
I am the author of the Terraneu series. 

I have bowed to pressure from my marketing agent, AKA my daughter and signed up for Facebook. I'm sure that Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapshot are soon to follow. I think baby steps for now, and Facebook should be enough. I still have my doubts but am going to give it a try. Please sign up for the MAILING LIST, and contact me if you have any questions or thoughts to share. I will do my best to keep up with all forms of media that I sign up for.

I enjoyed writing this book, and I look forward to getting out the stories of all my favorite men, and the women who leave Earth behind to love them!

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