Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review: Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit #1) by Milly Taiden

A woman with a secret…
The Federal Paranormal Unit is an elite squad of supernaturals dedicated to solving missing persons cases. Erica’s gift allows her a special connection with the crime, but it comes at a deep personal cost… Until now, she’s kept her gift a secret, even from the other members of the team. But this case will throw her together with Agent Trent Buchanan. He’s the object of her secret desires, but he’s also a cocky womanizer. She’d rather swim in shark-infested waters with a paper cut than admit she has feelings for him.

A man with one desire…
Wolf Shifter Trent wants Erica more than he’s ever wanted any woman. He’s spent years patiently waiting for her to admit that she wants him too. Working one-on-one in a race to find a serial killer, Trent’s patience and Erica’s resolve wear thin. When Trent discovers the truth about Erica, will he accept her for who she is? And can he protect her from the horrors that her gift brings?

A case that pushes them to the edge…
Erica will have to risk it all if she wants to stop the killer, and when she does, Trent may have to put his own life on the line to make sure his mate is protected… 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Wolf Protector is the first book in Milly Taiden’s Federal Paranormal Unit.  This is a special group of super naturals that work for the Federal Government on cases that are outside the normal.  It tells the story of a woman that has to keep her gift a secret at all times, even from the people she works with in the unit.  It is also about a man that has patiently waited for his mate and now that she finally opened up to him, he will do whatever is necessary to keep her.

Each member of the FPU has a special gift and for years has been led by Brock.  On his watch the unit has found, rescued, saved and solved many missing person cases.  He is the only one that knows about Eric’s special gift and protects her as much as possible when she uses her gift.  Usually he accompanies her on cases but now finds that he needs to let her evolve and function with others within their unit. 

Trent Buchanan has known for years that Erica is his mate.  He has allowed her time to get to know him but time has run out.  He needs his mate! Trent needs to protect her, take care of her and keep her safe.  As they work a case together he begins to see the toll that her gift cost her when she uses it.  Trent knows that he has to convince her that he is not the playboy she thinks he is, but her mate. 

Erica cannot believe that she has to work with Trent on a case without the buffer of her director, Brock.  How will she keep her gift from the team she assigned to lead?  Everyone in the unit believes that she is profiler.  As they delve deeper into the case, Trent slowly begins to wear down the shield she has put in place to protect herself from him.  He is the one she has dreamed of for many years and the fantasy she has denied herself.  She cannot let go with him because she knows he will break her heart.  Will Trent find a way to show her who he really is?  Can she believe him when he claims he is not a playboy but her mate?

Hero: Trent Buchanan 4.5 stars
Heroine: Erica 4.5 stars
Plot:  4.5 stars
Steam Level:  4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:  Yes
Would I recommend this book: Yes!  You will love this sexy paranormal romance with its twist and turns.  It has everything a reader could want in a great read.  This book has hot sex, paranormal shifters and really hunky alpha males that know how to take care of their business. 

Would I recommend this author: Yes! Ms. Taiden is on my must read author list.  She creates books that really pull you in and takes you on thrilling ride.  I love her characters and the way she makes the pages sizzle!

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