Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review of Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears #4) by T. S. Joyce

Slow-simmering romance, secrets by the dozen, heart-warming triumph, and a crew of sexy lumberjack werebears come together to tell Brighton’s story in this final installment of T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Saw Bears series.

Brighton Beck’s inner grizzly is out of control. It’s been months since he killed his tormentor, but just seeing the man who stole his voice has put his bear on a bender. When a timid woman at a local diner approaches him, he couldn’t be less interested. She’s mousy, submissive, and worst of all…human. Or at least he thinks she is, but she proves to him things aren’t always as they appear. And now it’s up to Brighton, and his broken bear, to find out who Turned her.

Everly Moore is up to her eyeballs in problems, and at the top of the pile is a sickness her doctors can’t figure out. When Brighton takes an oath to draw her bear from her, it’s apparent he’s not only lost his voice, but he’s lost his mind as well. But when she discovers the dark secret of what’s been done to her, she’ll have to lean on the quiet man who has intrigued her throughout the years. The only problem is, Brighton is fighting demons of his own, and if she can’t reach the animal within her and survive the Change, she and the man she is falling in love with could both be lost.

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.
Adult only bear shifter romance.

Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★
From the beginning author, T. S. Joyce has captured the interest of her readers with the remarkable Saw Bears series.  She continues to weave her snare of ‘bearness’ with Brighton and Everly's story in Sawman Werebear.  This is her fourth book in this series and I'm ecstatic to let you know that this is an amazing book from start to finish.  I have been anxiously waiting to read this one, because what's not to love about Brighton?! He's a tormented, tortured bear that needs healing from the horrors in his past and only love can make that happen!

From the previous books (which I highly encourage you to read before this one) we know that Brighton and Denison were kidnapped and tortured at the young age of sixteen.  The twins were dealt a bad hand from a mad scientist that wanted in the name of "science" to discover the how, what and whys that made bear shifters.  Denison lucked out more so than Brighton because his memory is blocked from the horrible ordeal.  Brighton's bear is angry, aggressive and even with his recent revenge, still reeks of pain and approaching madness.

When Brighton notices a petite shy, Everly in the diner while waiting on Tagan, he knows something is different about her.  When a full blown seizure begins, he leaps to her rescue and realizes that she isn't human...she's a bear shifter that has been turned!  He knows that he has to move quickly, so decides to take her with him to find out who turned her.  From there the two begin to help each other find peace and heal.

Everly is frighten and scared and doesn't realize what is happening to her.  She believes she is dying a slow painful death.  All her life she has stayed in the shadows not wanting confutation or acknowledgement.  Her momma has told her that she is plain and there is nothing special about her.  When she is thrown into Brighton's world she begins to blossom and let’s go of some of her shyness and self-degust that she has been taught.

If I have mentioned it once, I know I've mentioned it a million times...T.S. Joyce knows how to write! She wraps you up in her creative penmanship and weaves a tale of passion, love and friendship while using her vivid imagination within the world of bear shifters.

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