Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Recommendation and Review of Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC #3) by Autumn Jones Lake

ROCK & HOPE part three.

Struggling attorney, Hope Kendall loves her outlaw, biker boyfriend, Rochlan “Rock” North with all her heart, but the questionable activities his motorcycle club are involved in are about to threaten the legal career she’s not even sure she still wants.

Rock finally has the support of all his officers to bring Hope deeper into the inner circle of the Lost Kings MC. When his offer to have the club help her out of her legal predicament is met with hostility, he’s once again forced to question whether they are able to make their drastic differences work for the long haul.

A near death makes any squabble seem insignificant, but puts a cloud over their future. And while Rock has been working hard to give Hope the honesty she craves, one secret she’s been keeping all along, may finally drive them apart for good. 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆
This is the third in the Lost Kings MC trilogy by Autumn Jones Lake.  It is the conclusion to Hope and Rock’s story.  Their story has been one of struggling to try and make two opposite worlds fit together so they can find their HEA.   Ms. Lake is a master at her craft and this finale highlights her ability as a writer of riveting MC romance! 

There are secrets inside of secrets and sometimes those secrets can destroy with silence.  Hope has moved past Rock being the leader of an MC. She loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.  When an unforeseen situation revives part of her past she doesn’t know if she can leave it there.  Hope needs to find a way to share everything with Rock and at the same time she needs him to be open with her about his life as the leader of an MC.  Will they be able to find a way to share their secrets?

Rock has known from the moment he first saw Hope that she was his forever!  Circumstances had kept them apart, but now they have a chance for HEA.  His need to protect her and keep her away from club business may be the breaking point between them.  He trusts her with his life and that of his brothers, so why can’t he share that side of his life.  When asked to accept her as his old lady, all of his officers give her their vote. Now he needs to give her his complete trust and she needs to give him hers. Read this amazing story about the struggle of true love and the obstacles it has to overcome.    

Hero: Rochlan "Rock" North 5 stars
Heroine: Hope Kendall 4 stars
Plot:  4 stars
Steam Level: 5 stars
Cliffhanger:  No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes! The best sex ever…the sexiest bad boy MC Prez…a beautiful Cinderella with spunk and a HEA!  You will find all of this and more in this remarkable book!

Would I recommend this author:  Yes! After reading the first two books in this trilogy, I could not wait for the conclusion!  Ms. Lake created a storyline that intrigues and at the same time snares her reader so that they cannot stop until the end.  Her characters are well-developed and unique.  I cannot wait to read the next offering from this incredible author.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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