Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Recommendation & Review of That Time with Sugar by Tess Oliver

"Sugar, Jules and I had run for our lives. Only our shadows had followed us. And no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't outpace them."

All-around bad boy, and twenty-five-year-old heir to the Jameson fortune, Tommy Jameson, knows three things:

- His family is disappointed in him.
- Overcoming his addictions won't necessarily crush his vices.
- He is wildly in love with Sugar Scarborough, a girl who is dealing with her own addictions and an insatiable need to please.

Danger sends Tommy, Sugar and their friend, Julian Fitzpatrick, a heavily medicated, socially dysfunctional genius, fleeing from Green Willow Recovery Center. Now, together, they will face the outside world and uncover a horrifying mystery while being forced to confront their inner demons. 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆
In this innovative story by author Tess Oliver, she deals with social issues that dominate today’s society and addresses then in a unique way. Ms. Oliver creates situations for her characters that are original and ground-breaking when addressing these issues.  We have a group of friends that cover a broad spectrum of personalities and addictions.  This is Tommy and Sugar’s story and the journey that they embark on to find their freedom through self-forgiveness and love. 

We are introduced to Tommy Jameson first, a bad boy with an addiction and that finds himself incarcerated due to his uncontrollable temper.  He is his families’ heir and is a big disappointment to them.  Tommy is given no choice other than to enter a rehabilitation center or face jail time.  At twenty-five you would think he would have his life under control but his susceptibility to drugs and his uncontrollable rage leaves no other option for him, except rehab.  During his stay he meets Sugar and Julian, two other patients with addiction problems.  Tommy recognizes Sugar as his forever love, yet with his problems does not feel worthy of her.

Sugar Scarborough is a lost girl in a woman’s body.  Her loveless life and feelings of unworthiness has led her down a path of drugs and promiscuity.  She is a giver and everyone loves her with the exception of her mother, the person she needs to love and support her.   When she is admitted to Green Willow Recovery Center, she meets Julian Fitzpatrick who is almost considered a life resident and Tommy Jameson.  They form a strange friendship and support system with each other.  Julian is her friend and sounding board while Tommy is something else altogether. 

When the friends are forced to flee the Recovery Center, they find a way to survive and function in the outside world.  As Tommy would say they have each other’s back as they work together to stay alive!  

Hero: Tommy Jameson 4.5 stars
Heroine: Sugar Scarborough 4.5 stars
Plot:  4.5 stars
Steam Level: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:  No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes! The intricacies of each character’s personality and their unique stories will keep you involved until the end. The pages sizzle with heat and at the same time swirl with mystery and suspense. This book is more than just a love story with a HEA!  

Would I recommend this author:  Yes! I am an avid reader of everything Tess Oliver writes.  Her characters are unforgettable and touch the soul as their stories unfold.  When you find yourself reading an author’s books over and over again, you know that this is a gifted writer.  Ms. Oliver is that unique!  Love the ending that maybe a beginning for Julian!

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