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Cover Reveal: She Part 2 by Annabel Fanning


She, Part 2

by Annabel Fanning

Cover Reveal

March 15, 2015


Are you ready?” he asks.

He holds out his hand and I take it without hesitation.


Gemima and Logan are crazy about each other. In She Part 1 they fell in love. What comes after love?

Well, they’re back in Paris, and they have a lot to look forward to!

Logan’s birthday…Meeting the parents…Gemima’s promotion…And a night that will change their lives forever.

She Part 2 is an erotic tale about being in love. Combining romance, humour, and sex, this smart-talking duo will leave you saying, “Oh mon dieu!”

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 1 (unedited & subject to change)

My afternoon is slower than my morning. A fault in the IT department means that the internet is down, making the online research that I wanted to do for my two new projects impossible. I delight in hearing my phone ring an hour before leaving time. Please be someone that’ll talk my ear off for the next hour, I beg, as I answer in my usual receptionist-style.

My wish is granted: it’s Logan!

“Look up,” his voice purrs.

I do, expectantly, and I’m not left disappointed. He’s standing the doorway between reception and the large room in which my cubicle sits. He is simply perfection. Automatically I stand as he walks over to my desk.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, feeling giddy by the surprise.

He bows his head as his lips brush softly against mine. “We’ve got a meeting,” he smiles at me.

“No, we don’t,” I stammer. Do we?

“Yes,” Logan insists, “look, it’s right here…” He retrieves a pen from my desk tidy and proceeds to write in my work diary under Monday, March 3rd:

Meeting with Logan Leary at 4.30PM

“You are good at drawing love hearts,” I tease him.

Laughing, he says, “There’s not much to it, baby.” Then he takes my hand and (no doubt having been in one before during previous business meetings with Amelie) he leads the way to one of the meeting rooms, aptly choosing the one room whose blinds are down. Butterflies fill my tummy as he pulls me inside and changes the sign on the door from Vacant to Meeting in Progress: Do Not Disturb.

He shuts the door and then turns to look at me, his eyes filled with longing.

I try to ignore the feelings that have abruptly risen in me; such amorous emotions are not welcome at my place of work. I try to be cool and casual as I say, “So, this meeting…what did you want to discuss?”

“Your many curvatures,” he says.

My eyes widen, and I can’t keep the smile from my face. “Oh? Those?”

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about them all day,” he tells me.

“What about them in particular were you pondering?” I ask, twirling around and showing off my curvatures.

“Well…” he smiles.

I hold up a hand to stop. “Damn, I’ve forgotten my pen; I can’t take notes,” I sigh. I walk over to him, a smile playing on my lips, and slip my hand into the hidden breast pocket of his jacket where I know he keeps his phone. I pull it out, and ask, “You don’t mind if I take notes on here, do you?”

“I could have just handed it to you,” he points out, grinning.

“I prefer getting it myself,” I say honestly. I call up Siri and command her to start taking notes. “Now, Mr. Leary, my many curvatures…what about them?” I ask, the phone held high in my hand, taking note of our conversation.

“Well,” he begins again, “since you are so good at your job I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of less is more. I really do believe that in the case of your curvatures, the less fabric there is covering them, the better.”

Oh, Logan! “I see,” I nod. Don’t swoon, Gemima. Not yet! “Uh, just so I can fully grasp your meaning perhaps you could give me,” I pluck a number from thin air, “three examples?”

Logan smiles at me, enjoying our play with words. But before he feels able to touch me, here at my place of work, his eyes dart to the four corners of the room and he asks me cautiously, “Are there security cameras in here?”

His words hold so much hidden promise! “I don’t know,” I say, my mouth suddenly dry. What’s he going to do to me? Whatever it is, I can hardly wait! “I don’t think so, but if there are you can bet Amelie will be knocking on the door momentarily.”

We wait a few seconds; there’s no knock.

Logan’s smile returns. “Three examples?” he checks, and I nod again. “Alright, let's begin here…” His hand rests on my left hip and runs south over my thigh. “And here…” He does the same thing on my right side. “And here…” He takes a step towards me so that we’re flush against each other, and then runs both hands from the small of my back down, over my backside.

His hands glide smoothly over the fabric of my skirt, his touch turning me on. As he speaks and strokes me our eyes pour into one another’s, our lips only inches apart.

We wait another few seconds; still no one interrupts us.

“That’s three,” I say breathlessly.

“No, no,” he chuckles. “They count as one.”

Oh? I grin at him and raise an eyebrow. “Two more then,” I permit.

“Very good, Samuels,” he says. ”These count as one as well,” he tells me, his hands skimming over my breasts. “And these…” His hands trail along my collar bone, over my shoulders and down my upper arms. “And then there’s here…” This time he uses his lips to kiss the curve in my neck.

“That’s already uncovered,” I point out. Uh, shut up, Gem!

“So it is,” Logan murmurs, kissing my neck again, more fervidly. “And this curve…” He kisses my cheek. “And this one…” My nose. “And here…” My eyelid.

All uncovered also, I don’t say.

“And, of course,” he smiles against my lips, “these curves…” He kisses my lips, and I’m undone.

I throw my arms around his neck and cradle his head, kissing him with gusto. A moan escapes me as our tongues crash forcefully against one another. He’s come here, to my work, and seduced me entirely. Mmm, he tastes so delicious, his passion and fervour for me evident in the way he holds and kisses me. This definitely beats actually working!

“Before you distract me completely,” Logan breathes, sounding as flustered as I suddenly feel, “I feel I should add that there is one more curvature that I happened to know from previous experience that I cannot access when this sexy skirt of yours is on.”

“Curvatures uncovered. I understand,” I tell him. “You’ve made your point. You’ve made it very well, Mr. Leary.” I look down at Logan’s phone and tell it to stop taking notes: it’s heard quite enough!

“What would you like me to do with the notes?” his phone asks me.

My eyes grow wide. Technology talking back to me is still so weird!

“Send them to my mother,” Logan jokes.

“Sending to your mother,” the phone says in a monotonous tone.

I blanch. Shit!

Excerpt 2:

Excerpt 2 (unedited & subject to change)

His lips find mine and he crushes my tongue with his own, and I’m drowning in pleasure. I’m actually drowning; there is nowhere I can escape the satisfaction that’s building in me, no way to stem it. He’s got me pinned down, forcing me to accept every beautiful, incredible, indescribable feeling. And I love it! I love being pinned under him, feeling his weight on me!

He runs a hand down one of my legs and pulls it up under the knee, changing the angle that he enters me and then he thrusts deeply. Holy fuck! Right there!

Logan,” I cry into his mouth. Yes, yes, yes! Releasing my hold of him I reach up and grab the headboard. Ah!

He takes me at this new angle and my drowning continues. I’m pummelled by wave after wave of ecstasy, building up to something deep and powerful.

“Baby, you are amazing,” he says, as we stare deep into one another’s eyes. Our gaze is unfocused, but still I see him; he’s close, as am I.

Logan pushes my leg higher and I whimper in rapture. So close! So fucking good! Logan’s body tenses over mine and I feel my legs stiffen. Inside I feel that phenomenal sensation of me tightening around him and with one more thrust, we come together, both of our bodies shaking violently and both us uttering an incoherent stream of nonsense. Holy hell, that was amazing!

I release my tight grip of the headboard and let my whole body relax. Logan rests heavily on top of me, his breathing rapid and his penis pulsating deep inside of me.

Definitely the best night of my life,” he mutters against my skin, his voice somewhat muted. Then he pulls out of me and rolls on to his back, his hands tucked behind his head.

Sensing his eyes on me, I turn to look at him and find the biggest, most adorable smile plastered across his face. I burst into laughter, covering my face with my hands, thinking: I can’t believe Logan Leary is real!Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 8.54.31 pm.pngcac19e2c938f5a88a07d2f612ff6c538 copy.jpg

2d70b36ee8a4f84b36fab4453f0c5f84 copy.jpg

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.47.44 pm.pngBirthday wish..jpg

About the Author:


I'm sort of international in terms of my parents' mixed-nationalities and where I've lived, but I think of myself as British. I spent my childhood in an idyllic Scottish country town. Now I live in Perth, Western Australia.

The idea for SHE came to me at the beginning of this year. I was working on a website as a freelance editor and I saw several posts about writers required for short erotic stories. My curiosity was sparked!!

I wrote the first two pages of SHE and something clicked within me. I knew I wanted to (had to) keep writing it and a plot formed in my mind soon after.

Because this was my first piece of erotic writing I had anticipated that SHE would be a short story, but once these characters got going they could not keep their hands off of each other

Very soon I surpassed the 100k mark and I had so much I still wanted to write, and so decided to cut SHE in Parts 1 & 2.

Where to find Annabel Fanning:

The Cover:

Front cover.jpg

Back cover.jpg

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