Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Big Reveal: Prologue + Chapter 1 of Shattered by Diana Nixon @DianaNixon9

I was so fucking screwed, in more ways than one…
The moment I saw Elizabeth Brown, the darkest of my desires and the worst of my nightmares, walking through the front door of my best friend’s house, my dick hardened to the core. Shit… Almost four years had passed since the last time I saw her, and the bitch still had so much power over me, or at least over one particular part of me that somehow refused to get over her. Un-freaking-believable…
“What is she doing here?” I asked Liam with as much venom as I could put into that simple question. 
“Who?” He frowned, his eyes followed mine, obviously trying to find the object of my precise attention. “Oh…her? He pointed to the girl with platinum blond hair cascading down one shoulder in big pin curls. “She’s here with Declan.”
“Declan, as in Declan “The Scumbag” Sanders?” I knew the name well. The asshole and I used to be classmates in high school. There had never been any lost love between us. I just didn’t get him and his pathetic attempts to demonstrate how brazenly rich his family was. I had never felt the lack of money myself, but he was a snob to the max, even compared to me. I wouldn’t have even been surprised to find out that he ate checks for breakfast. 
“Are they dating or what?” I took a long sip of my coke, hoping to seem absolutely uninterested in the answer.
“Don’t know. But she isn’t with Kolby anymore.”
I smirked, humorlessly. “That, I am well aware of.” Kolby was my half-brother; he happened to be the third part of the love triangle Elizabeth, he, and I still couldn’t recover from. Well, I wasn’t sure about the two of them, but I still felt as ruined as ever. And it was entirely her fault. 
“Does it still bother you who she’s sleeping with?” Liam asked, chuckling into his beer.
“No even a fucking bit,” I snapped back. But he knew me too well to buy my bullshit. The story of my so-called love was too messed up to recover from it so easily.
“And that means what, exactly?” I shot him a look that let him know just what I was thinking…it said it all – you better not mess with me tonight, not when Elizabeth and I just happen to be in the same room again. I had been avoiding her for a long time, and I was sure I did a great job getting over her, but apparently, I was not as successful as I had originally thought I was. 
“Nothing.” My friend shrugged, knowing it was better to keep whatever shit he had in that smart-ass mind of his to himself. 
Elizabeth and I had a long history together. We first met about four years ago when she and Kolby were about to graduate from high school. I was six years older than she, just finishing my education and getting a degree in Business Management from Stanford University. It was my last weekend before graduation; so, I came to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I had lived before going to college. I came back to hand deliver invitations to the ceremony to my father, his wife Shelby – Kolby’s mother, and my brother. After my parents divorced, my mom moved to LA.  Since we lived so close together, she was the first person to receive the invitation. Not that she didn’t want to raise me, but my father was sure that a boy needed to grow up by his father’s side. Mom didn’t argue with that. After all, she knew it was for the best. I spent all my winter and summer breaks with her, and when the time came for me to choose a college, my choices all ended on Stanford. I decided I would finally get a chance to spend more time with her. She was not thrilled about the meeting with my father and Shelby, but she loved me too much to miss one of the most significant events of my life just because “the asshole” was supposed to be there too. Mom was not alone. She was dating a great man, Derek. His biggest dream was to marry her, but she was sure one marriage was more than enough for one lifetime. 
As for Elizabeth… I still remembered the moment I laid my eyes on her for the first time. How could I not? It was impossible to forget. Even after everything she did to break and bury my heart in a pool of its own blood, I still remembered every single detail from the first time we met. Yes, I remembered it as if it were just yesterday, and not so long ago. I was so fascinated by her, I didn’t immediately realize she was there with my brother. We shared a few meaningless words with each other, but they changed it all, they changed me. Since that day, I couldn’t think about anything but seeing her again, talking to her again, just being around her again, which was a huge mistake from the very beginning.

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