Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review of Hot Protector (Hostile Operations Team #10) by Lynn Raye Harris

Sometimes the forbidden is impossible to resist… 

The 10th novel in the bestselling Hostile Operations Team series. Chase “Fiddler” Daniels finds himself on the run with Sophie Nash—the step-sister he loves to hate. Protecting Sophie from a Russian mobster shouldn’t be too hard. Protecting himself from Sophie’s charm? Somehow, that’s a whole lot harder… 

“Lynn's Hostile Operations Team is one of those series that just addictingly good. It doesn't matter how many books she'll write for it because I know I'll read every single one. Every. Single. One. They're that good. It's the perfect combination of sizzling romance with heartpounding suspense. It's action packed and sexy. It's everything I love about romantic suspense and I can't recommend this series enough!” - Dirty Girl Romance 

Book 1: Hot Pursuit (Matt & Evie)
Book 2: Hot Mess (Sam & Georgie) 

Book 3: Hot Package (Billy & Olivia) 

Book 4: Dangerously Hot (Kev & Lucky)
Book 5: Hot Shot (Jack & Gina) 

Book 6: Hot Rebel (Nick & Victoria) 

Book 7: Hot Ice (Garrett & Grace) 

Book 8: Hot & Bothered (Ryan & Emily) 
Book 9: Hot SEAL (Dane & Ivy) 
Book 10: Hot Protector (Chase & Sophie)

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

High powered gun fights, buildings blowing up, a hero and a fair damsel in destress is only the beginning in the latest release from Lynn Raye Harris. Hot Protector is book ten in Ms. Harris’ Hostile Operations Team series. Chase ‘Fiddler’ Daniels and Sophie Nash are the leads in this amazing action, adventure romance.

He only saw her as the girl that took his place, his life, his father.  When her mother married his father and his father adopted Sophie, it was the last straw for Chase.  She may be his step-sister, but they did not share a name.  Oh, that’s right she had his father’s name and he didn’t.  So when the pampered princess arrives on his doorsteps in the middle of the night, he is not to gun ho on helping her, let alone believing her.  But Sophie has changed a lot since he saw her last and there is an instant attraction between them.  When his house is blown up, he decides maybe he should listen to what she has to say.  

Sophie cannot believe how naïve she was!  Was she so hungry for attention that she missed all the warning signs? When you find out that a monster is after you, where do you go?  Who do you turn to?  She needs a solider to keep her alive and that means she needs Chase!  Sophie had always had a crush on him and he seemed to hate her.  But she has no one else that can help her. She needs him to help her untangle the mess she is in.  The feelings she has will have to be put on hold, or will they? 

Hold on and get ready for a wild ride as only the incredible Lynn Raye Harris can create. You will fall in love with Sophie and lust after Fiddler!  As always this author is a fantastic addition to my library.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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