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Blog Tour: Sympathy for Diablo by S.E. Chardou

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Title: Sympathy for Diablo
Author: S.E. Chardou
Release Date: January 28, 2016
A dream vacation in the City of Love. A highly anticipated concert by Breathless Eternity, one of the biggest and hottest rock bands in the world. Backstage passes and a chance for three friends to meet the drop dead Adrien "Diablo" Bissette, the sexy lead singer. A sexy rendezvous that leads to unspeakable passion and feelings neither might be able to acknowledge. A forced abduction. Trapped by a crazed and power-hungry individual bent on revenge. When a coveted wish and an unexpected nightmare collide, there is nothing that can be done to save Sierra Carter. Not when no one—not even her two best friends—realize she's missing in the first place.
WARNING: This is a stand-alone psychological thriller with dark romance, suspense and mystery aspects. Violence, explicit language and adult situations are present throughout the story. This novel is not recommended for adults who have trigger issues regarding abduction, rough play, or can't separate fantasy from reality.
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A perfection that came to life Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor Couple in love buynow
“I didn’t know you knew French so . . . well,” I replied after I dug into my omelet and placed it in my mouth. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me and the same goes for me about you. My minor was French and I had to study here at a university in Lyon for a year. Talk about baptism by fire.” She continued to eat her baguette but those mesmerizing hazel-green eyes were fixed on me. “I want to share so much with you, and in due time, we will . . . but after I get you into my bed again—” “You mean the one your housekeeper recently changed the duvet and the sheets this morning?” Sierra’s eyebrows arched with a dash of humor. “I couldn’t possibly . . .” “Who said we had to fuck in a bed? It’s quite provincial, don’t you think? I mean we have the whole apartment at our disposal.” “That we do.” There was silence between us as we finished our breakfast and I drank down almost a whole cup of coffee. My bladder had started to give me signs it wouldn’t be long before I’d have to make a dash to the bathroom. Something in her eyes disturbed me and I wanted to get it out of her before I left the table. “What’s the matter? I can see concern on your face.”
She drank from her coffee and set the mug down on the table. “I’m not a fool, Adrien. In two days, you leave for Nice and the girls and I will be heading to Cannes. It sucks that this whole . . . hookup between us is just that. You don’t think I wouldn’t like to spend more time with you or get to know the real you?” Sierra bit on her lower lip before she sighed out loud. “I don’t do random one night stands and I sure as fuck didn’t mean to come off as a groupie. My cousin is in a band so I know how it goes but this all just seems like such bad fucking timing.”
Sympathy For Diablo Playlist: “Chains” – Nick Jonas (feat. Jhene Aiko) “Wicked Games” – The Weeknd “Powerful” – Major Lazer (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) “Hypnotic” – Zella Day “The Feeling” – Justin Bieber (feat. Halsey) “The Diary of Jane” – Breaking Benjamin “Lydia” – Highly Suspect “Lost and Alone” – From Ashes To New “One For The Road” – Arctic Monkeys “Prisoner” – The Weeknd (feat. Lana Del Rey) “Control” – Halsey “Art Deco” - Lana Del Rey “Angel” – The Weeknd “Doomed” – Bring Me The Horizon “Gravity” – Papa Roach (feat. Maria Brink) “Angels Fall” – Breaking Benjamin “Burn” – In This Moment “Paralyzed” – Failure Anthem “Through It All” – From Ashes To New “Follow You” – Bring Me The Horizon “High” – Zella Day “Don’t Need Nobody” – Ellie Goulding
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SE Chardou is the darker side of professional liar and world-class traveler.
Ms. Chardou’s writing is usually either dark romance or psychological thrillers with mystery and suspense aspects weaved into the plotline.
She is currently working on a vast array of books about good girls gone bad, bikers, gangsters, cartels, and any other subject she finds remotely interesting enough to add a dark, psychological twist.
When not writing, she enjoys daydreaming about her next trip to France, jet-setting across the country to author signings and playing taxi driver to her school-age daughters.
Ms. Chardou currently resides with her two children and their multitude of stuffed animals in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Social Media Like Selene Chardou on Facebook Follow Me on Instagram Follow Selene Chardou on Twitter Website: Novels That Rock Blog: The Realm of Selene Chardou Goodreads Author Page: Selene Chardou
If you would like to email Selene Chardou, she can be reached at: selenechardou@gmail.com
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