Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's Live! Dirty Talk by @Tess_Oliver

Bluefield Bad Boys #2

Cover model: Tyler Halligan  Cover image: FuriousFotog
New York Times bestselling author, Tess Oliver, brings you a sexy new adult romance, DIRTY TALK, Book 2 of the Bluefield Bad Boys series.

"Sometimes you spend your life looking for something and find out it's been right in front of you the whole damn time."

The premature death of his dad and a tumultuous childhood has left coal miner, Tommy 'Huck" Sawyer, hardened to emotion and relationships. Andi Sullivan is the one woman who can break through that tough exterior. But Andi, the twin sister of Tommy's best friend, is destined for better things, away from her harsh father's control and their sooty mining town. It seems everything is against Tommy ever having the one thing his heart wants most.

Andi Sullivan has achieved her life's goal of a successful nursing career in the city, away from her hometown. She's even started dating a doctor. Everything is perfect and dreamy . . .almost. Something, or someone, is pulling at her heartstrings, pulling her back to Bluefield, the place she was so anxious to leave. When an accident pushes Tommy Sawyer, her troubled childhood friend, back into her life, Andi soon finds herself torn between two worlds and two happy endings.

WARNING: contains adult content. Intended for readers 18+


"I devoured this book in a day" ~Monique
"I love this series it's my new favorite from Tess" ~Heather
"I was hooked, lined and sunked!!!" ~Keri
"Job well done on another fab book Tess, my hats off to you!" ~Sasha

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